PODCAST: Heavy Business Episode 348 – Estevan Vega (Capulet Entertainment) on Starting and Running Capulet Fest


Heavy Business is a metal marketing podcast presented by C Squared Music. You’ve toiled away to make your music great, don’t drop the ball on the promotion! Meet your hosts – seasoned PR professional Curtis Dewar, and metal musician Aliyah Daye. We dig deep with our guests on when to DIY your promotion, and when (and how) to get help. Join the conversation as they chat with musicians, record execs, journalists, and more about how to get more eyes (and ears) on your music! Visit csquared.info for your PR and Marketing needs. In this episode, Aliyah and Curtis welcome in promoter and author Estevan Vega (Capulet Entertainment) about Capulet Fest – taking place this weekend in Connecticut and featuring Norma Jean, Miss May I, Anberlin, All That Remains, and more.

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