PODCAST: Glacially Musical #175 – Queen’s Debut Album and Early History Unlocked

Time for a new series on the early releases from Queen! Nik and Keefy delve into the folklore of the bands beginnings and debut album!


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0:00 Intro Nik and Keefy “Quality Assurance”
3:35 Beer ✅ Nik – Lagunitas IPA – Keefy – Liquid Death new flavor
5:14 Vinyl ✅ Nik – Izzy Stradlin (ex Guns N Roses), and Death Piggy (GWAR) ,
Keefy – Royal Thunder
13:09 News ✅ Nik – Aerosmith, Nik’s concert summer, – Keefy – New Black Sabbath video, Epic Levels “Mega Dungeon Men” single,
20:37 Shirt ✅ Nik – 20 Watt tombstone , Keefy – X-Files
21:24 Meat ✅ The pre-history of Queen and Freddie Mercury is very interesting, and the debut album is worth talking about!

This is the “finger fudge pour: