NEW MUSIC FRIDAY- New Rock and Metal Releases 6-14-24

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96 Bitter Beings – Return To Hellview (Nuclear Blast Records) (Buy)
Airbag – The Century Of The Self (Karisma Records) (Buy)
Alarm! – Alarm! (Armageddon Label) (Buy)
Al-Namrood – Al Aqrab (Shaytan Records) (Buy)
Ammify – Lost, Not Hiding (Wormholedeath Records)
Angel Sword – World Fighter (Dying Victims Records) (Buy)
Antiflesh – Hosanna (Theogonia Records) (Buy)
Apes – Pestilence (Secret Swarm Records) (Buy)
Atlantis Drive – Atlantis Drive (Pride & Joy Records) (Buy)
Axel Rudi Pell – Risen Symbol (Steamhammer/SPV) (Buy)
Black Country Communion – V (Self-Released) (Buy)
Bobby Mahoney – Another Deadbeat Summer (Wicked Cool) (Buy)
Cadaverous Condition – Never Arrive, Never Return (The Circle Records) (Buy)
Camerata Mediolanense – Atalanta Fugiens (Auerbach Tontrager) (Buy)
Chained – Cut Out The Stigma EP (Upstate Records) (Buy)
Crypt Sermon – The Stygian Rose (Dark Descent Records) (Buy)
Darkend – Viaticum (Time To Kill Records) (Buy)
Datura – Obsidian (Self-Released) (Buy)
Dendera – Mask Of Lies (Rockshots Records) (Buy)
Desolat – Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die (Reptilian Records) (Buy)
Dreamslain – Forge Of Rebellion (Self-Released) (Buy)
Drought – Drought EP (Iodine Records) (Buy)
The Early November – The Early November (Pure Noise Records) (Buy)
Eivør – ENN (Season Of Mist) pronounced Eee – vore (Buy)
Embryonic Autopsy – Origins Of The Deformed (Massacre Records) (Buy)
Fu Manchu – The Return Of Tomorrow (At The Dojo Records) (Buy)
Golgotha – Spreading The Wings Of Hope (Ardua Records) (Buy)
Hockey Dad – Rebuild, Repeat (Farmer & The Owl / BMG) (Buy)
Impact Approved – Way Of The Warrior (Wormholedeath Records) (Buy)
Ira Tenax – Dark Awakening (MDD Records) (Buy)
Julie Christmas – Ridiculous And Full Of Blood (Red Crk Records) (Buy)
Legionary – Prison Realm EP (Self-Released) (Buy)
Lucifer’s Hammer – Be And Exist (Dying Victims Records) (Buy)
Malignancy – …Discontinued (Willowtip Records) (Buy)
Miasmic Serum – Infected Seed (Chaos Records) (Buy)
Millennial Reign – World On Fire (Ulterium Records) (Buy)
Mono – Oath (Pelagic Records) (Buy)
Mythologik – Blood In The Sky (Self-Released) (Buy)
Nel Buio – Nel Buio EP (Avantgarde Music) (Buy)
Nest – Fabled Lore / Hidden Stream (Avantgarde) (Buy)
No Wayne – Sjöhagsvägen EP (Self-Released) (Buy)
Onlap – Waves (AFM Records) (Buy)
Perchta – D’Muata (Prophecy Productions) (Buy)
Questing Beast – Birth (Self-Released) (Buy)
Returned To The Earth – Stalagmite Steeple (Giant Electric Pea Records) (Buy)
Rezn – Burden (Sargent House) (Buy)
RivetSkull – Absence Of Time (Self-Released) (Buy)
Royal Rage – Evolve (Sliptrick Records) (Buy)
Shamash – Done With Misery (Rottweiler Records) (Buy)
Shotgun Mistress – Kings Of The Revolution (Self-Released) (Buy)
Siculicidium – A Halál Tengely (Sun & Moon Records) (Buy)
Sibiir – Undergang (Fysisk Format) (Buy)
Spaceman Sir – The Great Filter (Self-Released) (Buy)
Squid Pisser – Dreams Of Puke (Skin Graft Records) (Buy)
Stand Still – Steps Ascending (Daze Records) (Buy)
Stonekind – Hollow Ground (Self-Released) (Buy)
Sunburst – Manifesto (Inner Wound Records) (Buy)
Sun Descends Alone – Of Everlasting Cravings (L’Arte Produce Records) (Buy)
Torturer’s Lobby – Deadened Nerves (Caligari Records) (Buy)
UFO – Ain’t Misbehavin’ Re-Release (Cleopatra Records) (Buy)
Ulcerate – Cutting The Throat Of God (Debemur Morti Records) (Buy)
Various Artists – NEF100: Burn After Hearing (Nefarious Records) (Buy)
Vendel – Out In The Fields (Dying Victims Records) (Buy)
Wound Collector – Begging For Chicxulub EP (Self-Released)
Zu – The Lost Demo (Subsound Records) (Buy)

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🎤 Keefy
💻 Omar Cordy
🎵 Fahad Syed

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