New Music Friday – New Rock and Metal Releases 5-24-24

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Abrams – Blue City (Blues Funeral Records) (Buy)
Aesthus & Sieluhaaska – Kaksi liekkiä Saatanalle Split EP (Purity Through Fire) (Buy)
Arka’n Asrafokor – Dzikkuh (Reigning Phoenix Music) (Buy)
Ataraxia – Centaurea (The Circle Records) (Buy)
Backward Blue – Eye Of The Storm EP (Self-Released) (Buy)
The Biscuit Merchant – Visible Scars (Self-Released) (Buy)
Black Sorcery – Plummeting Into The Hour Of The Wolf EP (Eternal Death Records) (Buy)
Bleakheart – Silver Pulse (Seeing Red Records) (Buy)
Bleed The Victims – Serenades Of Agony (Self-Released) (Buy)
Capstan – The Mosaic (Fearless Records) (Buy)
Christ Denied – Christopsy (Xtreem Music) (Buy)
Critical Defiance – The Search Won’t Fall (Unspeakable Axe Records/Dying Victims) (Buy)
Cutterred Flesh – Love At First Bite (Transcending Obscurity Records) (Buy)
Dark Affliction – Five Stages Of Grief (Theogonia Records) (Buy)
Dopethrone – Broke Sabbath (Totem Cat Records) (Buy)
Electron – Hollow EP (Self-Released) (Buy)
Eregion – Non Omnis Moriar (Rockshots Records) (Buy)
Esodic – De Facto De Jure EP (Self-Released) (Buy)
Evildead – Toxic Grace (Steamhammer/SPV) (Buy)
Exilia – Unleashed XX (Self-Released) (Buy)
Exit – Live At Holm Studio & The Corn Dolly Aftermath EP (Self-Released)* (Buy)
Force Of Mortality – Into The Abyss (Self-Released) (Buy)
Grand Massive – Houses Of The Unholy EP (MDD Records) (Buy)
Hextar – Doomsayer (Dying Victims Records) (Buy)
Kalgon – Kalgon (Self-Released) (Buy)
Kati Rán – SÁLA (Svart Records) (Buy)
Lamentari – Ex Umbra In Lucem (Self-Released) (Buy)
Liar Thief Bandit – Icon (The Sign Records) (Buy)
Locusts And Honey – Teach Me To Live… (Hypaethral Records) (Buy)
Lower Automation – Welcome To My Deathbed EP (Self-Released) (Buy)
Lucifuge – Hexensabbat (Dying Victims Records) (Buy)
The Lurking Corpses – Lurking After Midnight (Hells Headbangers Records) (Buy)
Morgue Meat – Apocalyptic Visions (Satanath Records) (Buy)
Mortal Wound – Anus Of The World (Dark Descent Records) (Buy)
Neurasty – Identity Collapse (Volcano Records) (Buy)
Night Laser – Call Me What You Want (Steamhammer/SPV) (Buy)
Poolside At The Flamingo – Accabadora EP (Blood Blast Distribution) (Buy)
Red Handed Denial – A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia (Paid Vacation Records) (Buy)
Reversed – Wildly Possessed (Invictus Records) (Buy)
Rotten UK – Age Of Chaos (Hells Headbangers Records) (Buy)
Rotting Christ – Pro Xristoy (Season Of Mist) (Buy)
Sailor Hunter – Evolution EP (Inverse Records) (Buy)
Scheitan – Songs For The Gothic People (The Circle Records) (Buy)
Sentiment Dissolve – The Orwellian Dream (CDN Records) (Buy)
Summoner’s Circle – Cult (Black Lion Records) (Buy)
Teramaze – Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace (Wells Music) (Buy)
Trail Of Tears – Winds Of Disdain EP (The Circle Records) (Buy)
Ultia – Cor (Brucia Records) (Buy)
Ulvik – Last Rites | Dire Omens (Avantgarde Music) (Buy)
Vale Of Pnath – Between The Worlds Of Life And Death (Willowtip Records) (Buy)
Vastigr – The Path Of Perdition (Avantgarde Records) (Buy)
Vulgaris – Seat Of The Fire (Self-Released) (Buy)


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