NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: New Rock and Metal Releases 3-1-24

What new Rock and Metal albums are you excited for this week?


Alienist – Love/Hate EP (UNFD) (Buy)
Arms & Sleepers – What Tomorrow Brings (Pelagic Records) (Buy)
Azell – Death Control (Rottweiler Records) (Buy)
Big Big Train – The Likes Of Us (InsideOut Music) (Buy)
Blind Channel – Exit Emotions (Century Media Records) (Buy)
Bruce Dickinson – The Mandrake Project (BMG) (Buy)
Clouds Taste Satanic – 79 A.E. (Majestic Mountain Records) (Buy)
Defocus – There Is A Place For Me On Earth (Arising Empire Records) (Buy)
Devastator – Conjurers Of Cruelty (Listenable Records) (Buy)
Fathomless Ritual – Hymns For The Lesser Gods (Transcending Obscurity Records) (Buy)
Firewind – Stand United (AFM Records) (Buy)
Gab De La Vega – Life Burns (SBAM Records) (Buy)
Hiverlucide – Abandonne (Self-Released) (Buy)
Hands Of Goro – Hands Of Goro (BSP Records) (Buy)
Je Est Un Autre – Flatworm Mysticism (Cestrum Nocturnum) (Buy)
Lesbian Bed Death – Midnight Lust (Wormholedeath Records) (Buy)
Liv Kristine – Deus ex Machina Re-Release (Metalville Records) (Buy)
Mephisto – Carpathian Tales (Brutal Records) (Buy)
Messiah – Christus Hypercubus (High Roller Records) (Buy)
Ministry – Hopiumforthemasses (Nuclear Blast Records) (Buy)
Negative Prayer – Self // Wound (Chaos Records) (Buy)
New Years Day – Half Black Heart (Century Media Records) (Buy)
Northern Genocide – The Point Of No Return (Inverse Records) (Buy)
Pissed Jeans – Half-Divorced (Sub-Pop) (Buy)
Rik Emmett – Diamonds: The Best Of The Hard Rock Years 1990-1995 (Music In Motion) (Buy)
Saturnalia Temple – Revel In Dissidence (Listenable Records) (Buy)
Sentry – Sentry (High Roller Records) (Buy)
Sheer Mag – Playing Favorites (Third Man Records) (Buy)
Suicidal Angels – Profane Prayer (Nuclear Blast Records) (Buy)
Suldusk – Anthesis (Napalm Records) (Buy)
Surgical Strike – 24/7 Hate (Metalville Records) (Buy)
T.S.O.L. – A-Side Graffiti (Kitten Robot Records) (Buy)
Tachanka – Blossoms (Syrup Moose Records) (Buy)
Tigers On Opium – Psychodrama (Heavy Psych Sounds) (Buy)
Traum – Traum (Subsound Records) (Buy)
Various Artists – New Wave Donut (Wax Donut Records) (Buy)
Volcandra – The Way Of Ancients (Prosthetic Records) (Buy)
Worst Doubt – Immortal Pain EP (Daze Records) (Buy)
Zakk Sabbath – Doomed Forever Forever Doomed (Magnetic Eye Records) (Buy)

The Usual Suspects:
🎤 Keefy
💻 Omar Cordy
🎵 Fahad Syed

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