Listen to Planning For Burial’s Cover of the Low Classic “Murderer”

Thom Wasluck (Planning For Burial) has recorded a cover of Low’s “Murderer,” from 2007 album, Drums and Guns. The track is the Wasluck’s contribution to The Flenser record label’s compilation of covers of the band Low, titled Your Voice is Not Enough. The full compilation is coming in 2024, with a vinyl exclusive via The Flenser Series Five Membership, and digital being available everywhere. Check out “Murderer” below.

Find out more about The Flenser Membership Series Five here.

Your Voice is Not Enough stands as a heartfelt tribute to the band Low. It was born out of a conversation with Planning For Burial’s Thom Wasluck and The Flenser. Feeling inspired by the nuanced beauty of Low’s discography, what began as a discussion on ranking favorite albums blossomed into a collaborative effort that brought together our close-knit group of Flenser artists and friends. Regrettably, the compilation took shape before the tragic passing of Mimi Parker. In celebration of the profound impact she had on the music world, we dedicate this album to her memory. 

Your Voice is Not Enough tracklisting:
01 Weight of Water by Cremation Lily
02 Sunflower by Holy Water
03 Do You Know How to Waltz by Midwife and Amulets
04 Hey Chicago by Drowse ft Lula Asplund
05 Cut by Kathryn Mohr
06 Words by Allison Lorenzen
07 Murderer by Planning for Burial
08 When I Go Deaf by Have a Nice Life