KK’s Priest Will Play an Exclusive Show At Time To Rock Festival 2023

In 1969, the first edition of one of the world”s biggest bands within the New Wave of British Heavy Metal – Judas Priest – was formed. One of the founders was guitarist KK Downing. KK was in the band until 2011 and over the years, he was one of the songwriters for most of the metal world”s biggest songs as “Breaking the Law”, “Living After Midnight” and “Painkiller”.


After KK left Judas Priest, he has not been very active as a musician. He has made a few guest appearances on records and some occasional live performances but not more than that. Until the spring of 2020, that is, when he announced that he would start writing brand new music again. The new band, KK”s Priest, took shape and released their debut album, Sermons of the Sinner in 2021. If you like Judas Priest, you will learn to like the album in question because even if it doesn”t necessarily sound the same as Judas Priest, the kinship is there.



In addition to KK on guitar, the band consists of A J Mills (guitar), Tony Newton (bass), Sean Elg (drums) and Tim “Ripper” Owens (vocals). During the 90s, Tim was also part of Judas Priest”s line up as he replaced classic singer Rob Halford for two very underrated records. So if you want to hear real metal of the highest quality, make sure to be there when the legend KK Downing enters the stage in Knislinge. Now the band”s debut album stands well on its own two feet, but it is not entirely impossible that we will also hear the occasional Judas Priest classic.


In addition, it should be mentioned that Judas Priest was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which means that KK Downing is one of two members of this honorable society visiting our festival this year. The other is Marky Ramone.



The gig will be the first in Sweden and also the only one, so it really is an exclusive booking we are offering!



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Another three bands will be announced later as they will be the winners of a band competition we have in cooperation with https://www.rocknytt.net, Swedens biggest rock webzine.



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