GUEST POST: Mike Orlando (Dead Girls Academy, Vampires Everywhere) -Top Albums of the Year 2020


Ghost Cult continues our “End of Year Guest Post Extravaganza” with a slew of posts from bands, industry, PR pros, and more! We’ll be sharing lists, memories, and other shenanigans from our favorite bands, partners, music industry peers, and other folks we respect across the globe. In this edition, we have a list from Mike Orlando of Dead Girls Academy and Vampires Everywhere. Watch their new video for “Inside Out ft.’ Jinxx.”


1. AC/DC – Power Up

I grew up listening to AD/DC! They greatly influenced my career as a musician/vocalist. Their latest release reminds me of old AC/DC! Which is hard-hitting guitars and raspy catchy vocals! This album is another reason why I continue to love & support this band. They continue to be rock n roll at its purest form.


2. Marilyn Manson – We Are Chaos

I love how Marilyn Manson keeps reinventing himself! He manages to write relevant music with real substance. He could’ve went hard as fuck on this release but choose to take a more melancholy approach. I think his choice of going with Shooter Jennings definitely gave the album an outlaw country type feel. Marilyn isn’t afraid to experiment with his sound which inspires me a lot as an up & coming artist!


3. Ozzy Osbourne – Ordinary Man

Just when you think Ozzy has retired, he releases another banger of an album! I don’t know how any musician wouldn’t be inspired by Ozzy! The man is literally rock n roll! He is made of catchy riffs & whisky! His new release really impressed me! He still has an amazing vocal range & manages to keep his patented voice strong! I hope he continues to defy his age & release many more albums to come!


4. Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts VI: Locusts

The minute I heard “Closer” & “Head Like A Hole” I knew I was going to be hooked on NIN for life! Not to mention the pure genius in & outside the studio from frontman Trent Reznor! NIN’s newest endeavor is my new album to have sex too! I love how everything has a noir soundtrack vibe & it really sets an eerie mood! This replaced my Crosses album in the bedroom, which says a lot!


5. Deftones – Ohms

Most people found about the Deftones from their hit “My Own Summer”, but I fell in love with them when I heard “Change”! This song really resonated with me & kept me a Deftones fan throughout their amazing career! I really feel Ohms is a defining moment for the band! It gives me a vintage rock feeling while floating gracefully on a southern rock vibe! The guitar riffs are just so damn powerful & I think that’s needed to match Chino’s haunting melodic voice! I hope to tour with this band in the future! In fact, it is on my bucket list of things to do!!