EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Psychonaut – “Kabuddah”

Belgian post-Metal band Psychonaut is back with their new album Unfold The Godman releasing via Pelagic Records on March 6th. The has created a new performance video for the track ‘Kabuddah’, created at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels when the band performed with Brutus last December. The clip was filmed and produced by Frank Resseler and edited by Stefan De Graef. The album is available for pre-order at the links below. Watch the clip right now, exclusively at Ghost Cult!

The band has commented:

“The videoclip for Kabuddah was recorded at Belgium’s finest venue “Ancienne Belgique” when we opened for our friends in Brutus on December 14, 2019.We’ve known them since we invited them to play their first show ever with us all the way back in 2013.More than 6 years later, Brutus returned the favour and asked us to open for them in one of the biggest venues in Belgium.We thought this was the perfect opportunity to record our first video.

Kabuddah is the third song on the album but is actually the second-to-last chapter of the album concept. In this chapter, the protagonist lets go of the concept of duality, of ‘man’ and ‘god’ and embraces the fact that there is only oneness. To portray the illusion of duality, Kabuddah became one of the heaviest songs on the album with most vocal parts being screamed, while carrying a very positive message.

Fun fact 1:

Kabuddah contains the longest sentence on the album:

‘Seven angels on my back whispered secrets of the six-tusked white beast in the shrine where I manifest the true state of no mind.’

Fun fact 2:

We named the song after a Buddha-shaped garden gnome that was given to us by our good friend and roadie Franky Lucas.

Pre-order the album here:

Europe: http://bit.ly/psychonautEU

North America: http://bit.ly/psychonautNA

Australia: http://bit.ly/psychonautAUS

Digital: http://bit.ly/psychonautUTGM