EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: LiveKill Shares a New Music Video for “Scum Of My Life”

South Florida’s brutal Metal upstarts LiveKill have teamed up with Ghost Cult today to share their brand new music video – “Scum Of My Life!” The heavy track and killer video comes from their upcoming new album Evil Ecstacy, due later in 2024. The lineup of the band includes vocalist James Rodin Hawkins, lead guitarist Napalm, Rhythm Guitarist John Snel drummer, Kevin Gallagher, and bassist Erik Lissabet. The band also brought in a secret weapon to to write and record the drum tracks, Death Metal legend Kevin Talley (Daath, Chimaira, Suffocation)! Check out the new video and get introduced to one of the must-know metal bands of early 2024!


The band comments:
“Scum Of My Life, is one of the songs that when you close your eyes you’re in the music. We wanted the listener to feel the emotion and intensity this song brings. A lot of songs we write are guitar riffs that mature into songs. This was the first song I could hear the music before I wrote it” – John Snell, Guitar


LiveKill’s notably anticipated 2024 metal release, Evil Ecstacy, is a high energy LP release with 8 distinct songs designed to engage and move the crowd at live events. LiveKill’s powerhouse consists of: James Rodin Hawkins [vocals], Napalm [lead guitar], John Snell [Rhythm Guitar], Kevin Gallagher [drums], and Erik Lissabet [bass]. Based out of South Florida, LiveKill brought the next evolution to the Florida metal scene with a new approach to pre-production and arrangement for this exciting new LP. Enlisting Kevin Talley that played for infamous bands such as; [Daath], [Chimaira], and [Suffocation] to write and record the drums tracks. Alastair Sims of [MOTTO Sound] mixed and mastered LiveKill’s compelling LP [EVIL ECSTACY] at [Villa Studios] in Canada. Alastair has also worked on albums for [RUSH] and [Three Days Grace].

With the ground work completed for one of the best LP’s to be released in 2024, LiveKill worked with [Thomas Crane ] of Kill Devil Films to capture the bands high energy music videos “Scum of My Life,” “New Plague,” and “The Crown.”

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