EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Lifetime Shitlist – “Proud Boys”

Ghost Cult is stoked to partner with Grimoire Records artists Lifetime Shitlist today to bring you the première of their new single, ‘Proud Boys’! The track is the first taste of new music from their upcoming new album Bad Blood, out on August 16th and is the follow-up to their heavy as hell 2017 album Slow March. The Baltimore-bred sludge/hardcore band brings the musical and lyric fist to your face with ‘Proud Boys’, a scathing, yet intellectual strike back at racists infiltrating our society at every turn, and the means to defeat them. This is going to be your new favorite go-to song for punching Nazis out cold! Pre-order the album and stream the track below.

The band has commented on ‘Proud Boys’:
“The idea for ‘Proud Boys’ came from watching the growing political division in the U.S. public sphere. The song takes its name from an obvious source in popular culture, but is not wholly limited to this group in its commentary. Every sufficiently zealous ideology will create its own narrative that dehumanizes non-adherents, escalating conflict. In today’s world, it seems that rash thoughts, hyperbole, extreme positions and incendiary rhetoric are more quickly rewarded than tolerance or empathy.”

Pre-order Bad Blood on bandcamp: https://grimoirerecords.bandcamp.com/album/bad-blood

Lifetime Shitlist are:
Matt Crocco – Guitar
Ryan Larkin – Drums
Corey Fleming – Guitar
Ned Westrick- Vocals, Bass

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