EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Honeypot Shares New Single – “Shut Your Mouth”

Charleston, SC indie rock band Honeypot will release their new full-length album On the B Side on March 19, 2021, on vinyl and digital formats. Fans can pre-order the album at the link below. The new single “Shut Your Mouth” is an all too familiar, but deadly serious topic. The indie rock band has not shied away from using thoughtful, important topics in the past as a vehicle for their throwback 1990s alternative rock sound with its insightful songs and multi-layered approach to songwriting. We’ll be looking forward to the full-length album soon! Check out the track right now!



“‘Shut your mouth’ is the dark-horse candidate for my best song. I actually wrote the hook on the guitar 15 years ago. I just finally got around to committing it to a song. What makes it interesting is that the song is written in open G. It comes across a little like Tool, but with a more complex lead. Recording it was straight forward. I hit the opening lick a couple of times, we doubled it up for surround sound. I took a little more time with the lead section and went for a pretty melody over the song’s intensity. It’s a Yin-Yang dynamic to make the subject matter more palatable.” – frontman Frank Hartman


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