EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: Grimmreaper – “The Tragedy of Being”

Progressive Metal band Grimmreaper releases their debut album this week, The Tragedy of Being, releasing officially on March 30th, 2021. Conceived by band mastermind Logan Grimm the composition and recording of the album took place over two years time, while Grimm birthed his creation from an evolving, multi-faceted backstory for a multimedia project that explores the very human realities of tragedy and suffering, and the choices they present, from nihilism and resentment to transcendence and courage. Bringing together both the complex works of the most masterful bands in the genre, while maintaining the fun factor of the best modern rock and metal bands, Grimmreaper has created an album that has staying power on repeat listens. Purchase and stream the album here at Ghost Cult today!

Logan Grimm aka Grimmreaper adds:

“It’s been a long process to get this solo record ready, but I couldn’t be more excited to finally put it out there. With this debut album, I’m trying to give fans an experience that goes to different places in metal, from fast and hard, to slow and groovy, and even a Babymetal cover song. It’s a dark record with many twists and turns, but never boring. The lyrics come from ideas of old stories and archetypes, but the music isn’t as abstract. Some songs are commercial sounding in their structure, but some are longer with abrupt changes and weird patterns. The album is a journey through different tastes of metal, and while it’s meant to be enjoyed from start to finish, each song stands strong on its own.”

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Track Listing:

  1. Mind’s Mirrors Meshing Together (6:34)
  2. North Star (6:31)
  3. Prison (8:09)
  4. Resent (5:40)
  5. The Land I Will Show You (8:37)
  6. Catastrophe of the Tragic Melancholies (4:52)
  7. Road of Resistance (5:12) (Babymetal Cover)
  8. Happy Times (4:48)
  9. The Tragedy of Being (9:56)

Album Length: 1:00:23


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