CONCERT REVIEW: Tool – Elder Live at Footprint Center

February 9th and 10th the Footprint Center stage, in Phoenix, AZ, lit up with the powerhouse that is Tool with direct support from Boston bred/and mostly now Germany-based band Elder. Elder started by warming up our ears to their heavy riffs and long instrumentals. This was my first time experiencing Elder, and I had never heard of the band until then. After this one experience though, I can easily see how the band fits and compliments Tool on this tour, as they too have some psychedelic and captivating soundscapes that just simply fits.

Although I only attended one night, and after seeing a full auditorium that normally hosts basketball games, it is easy to understand why Tool would need two nights in one city – It’s about the die-hard fans. If you are planning on attending any of these tour dates, I must state the obvious first, and that is to put your cell phone away. Yes, in your pocket. If this is your first time attending a Tool show and you’re asking yourself why? Well, I can only imagine it is because the band, particularly Maynard James Keenan (aperfectcircle, Pucifer) may want you to actually engage and fully immerse yourself with the live experience you paid your hard earned cash to enjoy. Let’s be honest… how many times do you really look at your phone’s recordings anyway? If you don’t believe me, ask Maynard himself, in fact never mind, he’ll tell you and your neighboring concert goers between his first two songs himself. You might surprise yourself with how memorable the event turns out to be without it anyway. 

If you are in the mood for spoilers you can easily find the set list of the tour online, so I won’t go into the songs and what order they were played. But instead, I will entertain you with a short summary of what it’s like to go to a Tool concert. I must say, no matter how many times I’ve seen Tool perform, is like diving into a powerful journey of music and emotion. The band creates a mesmerizing experience that blends rock and artistry like no other. The stunning visuals and captivating energy of the crowd add to the spectacle. But beyond the music, it is a moment for self-reflection and introspection, that leaves a lasting impact on me each and every time. 

Maynard always impresses me with his haunting vocals, Danny Carey’s drumming is always intricate and perfectly rhythmic, and the sheer technicality and charisma of the guitarist, Adam Jones and bassist Justin Chancellor really create an experience that makes it easy to understand how this iconic band keeps on bringing their loyal fans back tour after tour. So how many Tool tickets do you have in your collection over the years? 

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