CONCERT REVIEW: Disciples of Verity – Patterns of Decay – Concrete Dream – Behind the Bullet Live at The Kingsland

With the release of two recent singles ‘Worthy’ and ‘Lying to Myself’ from their forthcoming album, Pragmatic Sanction (InGrooves), Disciples of Verity made their debut at The Kingsland in Brooklyn New York. No cover songs needed here, just what I believe is a set from their entire record. It also marks the return of God Forbid skins-man, Corey Pierce (finally). Every time he hit a cymbal, it felt like the kit was holding on for dear life.

Opening the show was a wide mix of heavy music. No two bands sounded alike. First up was hard rockers, Behind the Bullet followed by New Jersey trap metal band, Concrete Dream. Direct support came from Long Islands’ own, Patterns of Decay with their death metal tinted grooves. All three bands fit well with Disciples, giving the ears a well-balanced blast.

This is the heaviest music I have heard Corey Glover (Living Colour) sing. Being one of the busiest singers in music, he really doesn’t need an introduction. He just does what he does. On ‘I am I’, his range runs the gamut of harsh growls to falsettos. Another highlight for me was the song ‘Unsteady,’ so infectious, between Pierce’s drums and George Pond’s (of Negative Sky) bass, I could jam out to this one on repeat. Guitarists Mark Monjoy of Sekond Skyn and Dan Puma have some killer harmonies with their seven-string guitars, giving some down-tuned melodic goodness. ‘Remember the Living’ is just full of hooky riffs and damn catchy beats. Disciples of Verity don’t sound like any of their other bands they’re known for. They are their own animal. I hope they have a bright future and New York heard it first.