Beyond Creation – The Aura

Beyond Creation 1Beyond Creation is Canadian technical metal goodness. Having just signed to Relapse Records, this Montreal, Quebec quartet unleashed a sonic beast of beauty here, with their re-issue of The Aura. It’s really ballsy and impressive to have songs from just under two minutes run all the way to ten minute long epics, and not be the least bit boring. The production is so full and crisp; it has that “in the room” feeling you just can’t fake. I can gush about this debut easily, and I shall. This album screams “we practiced ten hours a day!”, but the important thing here is not just that they are true to their tech death roots, but they can actually write great songs. Many bands have the talent to do it, but few can pull it off.

The two instrumental songs, ‘Chromatic Horizon’ and ‘Elevation Path’ are ridiculous! They are night and day different from each other. Together they showcase the wide range of intensity and calm this band controls. Vocalist Simon Girard has a wide range. Going from a Suffocation style growl to a Cattle Decapitation squeal attack in the same phrase is impressive. Guitarist Kevin Chartre is a hell of a player too. Right from the opening track ‘No Request for the Corrupted’ all the way to the insane closer ‘The Deported’, he makes those complex solos and rhythms sound effortless and always interesting. Philippe Boucher on drums sounds like he went to the Flo Mounier school of insanity. His playing is over the top in a way that doesn’t distract from the songs. Whether he’s lying back, or blasting ahead, he is flawless. ‘Social Disability’ is another masterpiece track. Dominic “Forest” Lapointe’s bass tone kills on every song. With ‘Omnipresent’ we hear bass and guitar solos trading off. That’s right, bass solos in death metal. Lapointe is a metal bass guitar legend in the making, if he keeps this up. In general, this album blew me away big time. My only regret is that I waited so long to listen to it.


Omar Cordy

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