ALBUM REVIEW: William DuVall – One Alone

If you only know William DuVall from his time in Alice In Chains, you might have missed out on his multifaceted musical career spanning over thirty years. From Hardcore Punk, post-Grunge, RnB, and producer of other artists, he has run the gamut of styles, and often making everyone around him glimmer too. That’s why on his debut solo album One Alone, (DVL Records), it’s so refreshing to hear him just as the title indicates and armed only with his singular voice, and acoustic guitar to bring these eleven tracks to life.

My first listen of One Alone came on a rainy, cold autumn day, and it is the perfect music for that mood. Songs spanning all kinds of personal feelings and intimate moments, yearning desire and darkest pains. DuVall’s singing and playing purges out these emotions note after note.

Alternately soothing and anguished, the tracks are thankfully not your typical coffeehouse troubadour fare. Adventurous melodies and deft fretwork means each track has a stark beauty of its own.

On repeat listens these tracks become really special. The best of the bunch includes ‘The Veil of All My Fears’, ‘The Three Wishes’, ‘Smoke and Mirrors’, ‘White Hot’, and ‘So Cruel’.

Recasting himself as a storyteller in the great traditio, this more personal history of loves and woe really captures your imagination. You’ve heard DuVall sing plenty of times, but have you ever really listened? In this format, the artist demands your attention on these sacred tones and little moments of tension and relief.

8 / 10