ALBUM REVIEW: Wednesday 13 – Horrifier


October celebrates the return of cooler weather, overpriced pumpkin-flavored beverages, and everything spooky. This October is extra special as the Duke of Spook, Wednesday 13 returns to the land of the living with a brand new album, Horrifier (Napalm Records), just in time to set the mood for Halloween.

Just like any good monster movie with a shit ton of sequels, horror punk icon Wednesday 13 knows what his fans are looking for with his ninth full length album. Wednesday delivers plenty more of his trademark punk/metal/shock rock style he’s developed and perfected over his twenty-plus year career but still manages to throw out a few new tricks and treats.


The opening track, ‘Inside Out’ is one of Wednesday’s heaviest songs to date. With a low and heavy chug and plenty of added eerie tones the band experiments with a darker and even more haunting tone then they have in the past.


‘Exhume and Devour’ brings back the traditional Wednesday 13 vibe with grooving sounds and big horror punk scream along anthems. ‘Good Day to be a Bad Guy’ is one of the strongest tracks on the album as Wednesday’s classic raspy vocals hit perfectly for what is sure to be a live staple.

Horrifier features plenty of homages to classic horror films such as Christine and Halloween which fans have come to love. Wednesday 13’s appreciation for all things horror is unmatched by anyone out there today and makes Horrifier the perfect soundtrack to keep away the Trick-or-Treaters this Halloween.


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8 / 10