ALBUM REVIEW: Nattsvermer – Nattsvermer

First embarking on a continuous journey of craftsmanship under the name Liquid Mojo in 2017 and then proceeding to present an ever-dynamic resurgence as Nattsvermer, the Norwegian four-piece continues to explore the uncharted realms of alternative metal heavily inspired of the likes of Alter Bridge, Godsmack, and Metallica. Presenting a sonic adventure like no other, Nattsvermer and the sounds they create are guaranteed to blow their listeners’ minds through a set of compelling resonances characterized by hard-hitting riffs and melodic nuances that defy conventional norms and boundaries surrounding genre classifications.

Last September, they released a self-titled debut album via Rob Mules Records that is meticulously crafted with persistence; the album takes its listeners on a life-changing experience through eleven tracks of vibrant sonic tapestry. Even though they got inspired by many names to note, they still managed to keep their own distinctive sonic characteristics intact in a multidimensional manner. If I were to compare their sounds to fellow Norwegian names, I think their sounds remind me of bands like Aktiv Dödshjelp, Gluecifer, and The Good The Bad and The Zugly – incorporating upbeat tunes under a soulful nuance of intensity, and envisaging the many facets of underground musicianship with no absolute boundaries. Although fair to say, the narratives that Nattsvermer presents tend to be darker than the bands mentioned before.

If I were to describe it in a poetic manner, listening to this self-titled debut is equivalent to embarking on a quest for transcendence; experiencing being on a constant odyssey while you’re being perceived by an all-knowing eye as a messenger (if that even makes sense, haha!). I also have observed that they tend to craft their tracks in a storytelling kind of attitude where each track unravels different chapters of their deep lore– as they remain their authenticity intact in its rawest and purest form. 

Although they can be considered up-and-coming, I can foresee promising potentials coming from Nattsvermer in the future with all the authenticity they present as an all-rounder in the scene. Their record label, the Tromsø-bound Rob Mules Records, is also an emerging record label with a lot of up-and-coming metal bands deserving of more recognition, so I also recommend you guys to check it out. 


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8 / 10