Bury Tomorrow – Earthbound

Bury Tomorrow - Earthbound - ghostcultmag

Bury Tomorrow continue their attempt at finding a top spot in the field of metalcore with their latest release, Earthbound (Nuclear Blast). Contrary to the group’s wishes, one hears the album as them playing it a little too safe. It can be classified as good metalcore but lacks a special and iconic something.

Overall the album is angry sounding. Whether it is frustration or a try at being heavier is open to interpretation. One is thrown right into the action at the start of the first track ‘The Eternal’ and the album is quick to get down to it. There is a slight improvement as the album goes on but the group never seems to find what it is they are lacking with this release.

‘The Burden’ is the first track on the album to contain some traces of the quality songwriting and sound that were found on earlier works. Bury Tomorrow find some footing by bringing on 90s metalcore representative Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed for the track ‘301’. Credit can be given to them for including their elders in an attempt to solidify them as the new masters of the genre. It is the best track on the album.

Although classifiable as a good album, Earthbound is missing the original soul and ambition that the group’s other albums such as The Union of Crowns. Perhaps this is due to the fact that The Union of Crowns marked the crew’s departure from their independent labels and into something more professional whereas Earthbound is their third album with Nuclear Blast. Another acceptable album for fans of the band, but here is hoping they whip up something special with their next release.



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