Watch Myrkur Perform “Mareridt” Material Live In Europe

Myrkur released Mareridt back in September via Relapse Records, and as Steve said in his 9/10 review, “While it may be a shame if the blackened perfection of ‘Måneblôt’ is a style Bruun moves further away from, the crown as the leading proponent of darkened post-pop is, with Mareridt, already most rightfully hers.

Myrkur just wrapped up their European tour in support of the new record, and they debuted a ton of new stuff live for the first time. Check out fan footage of ‘Mareridt’, ‘The Serpent’, ‘Ulvinde’, ‘Måneblôt’, ‘Elleskudt’, and ‘De tre piker’ below!

Pick up Mareridt here.