Watch Metallica Unbox Their New Pro-Ject Audio Systems Limited Edition “Ninja Star” Logo Turntable

Yeeeahh! It’s Metallica Turntable week! The band has teamed up to create a turntable from Pro-Ject Audio Systems, the makers of fine turntables and other audio systems. They are in the shape of the Metallica shuriken a.k.a. The “Ninja Star” logo, first made famous in the artwork on 1996’s Load album. They are available for preorder now at the links below, with a retail price of $1,599.00 and an expected delivery of November 4th, 2022, this week! Watch an unboxing video from the band right now!

For when you want to spin your vinyl records louder, faster, & heavier… the limited edition Metallica turntable from Pro-Ject Audio Systems is now available for pre-order at and through Pro-Ject dealers!


The high-end turntable features a custom plinth with a mirror-finished Ninja Star logo that gives the player its distinctive look. The S-shaped tonearm is fitted with a detachable SME headshell to allow quick cartridge changes. The tonearm bearing and base are machined entirely out of aluminum. Out of the box, the turntable comes pre-adjusted with Pro-Ject’s Pick it S2 C cartridge. Tracking force and anti-skating are both adjustable and make it a true audiophile investment.


Pre-Order now at or visit to find a dealer near you.