IKILLYA Builds The Vanimal Mark II

IKILLYA released War for an Idea back in June, and then immediately hit the road for a massive tour that featured 36 shows in 45 days. The trek took them over 12,000 miles, and as you’ll see in the video, they did it in style. The band transformed a Chevy C3500 into their home on the road, and you can find out how and why they did it below!

Frontman Jason Lekberg said this about the “Vanimal Mark II” : “Building our own tour vehicle is not only a dream, but a necessity for a small, working band in today’s industry. The more we’re able to control our costs and environment the more ability we have to focus on being the best band we can. Hopefully our work will help inspire other bands to be able to build their own Vanimal as well.

IKILLYA will be performing at the very first Ride For Dime East Coast Tri-State chapter charity event later this month. For more details on that show, go here.

For more on IKILLYA, head to Ikillya.com.