The Exies Share Their New Single and Video for “For What It’s Worth” – Reunion Show at The Viper Room Coming Soon

Alt-rockers, The Exies have just released their latest comeback single and video, “For What It’s Worth.” The new video features never-before-seen footage transports fans of the band’s formative years. They will also be performing a reunion show at infamous LA venue, the Viper Room, on May 29th. Head into the article below for the new track and more information.

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Diving deep into the band’s archives, frontman Scott Stevens shares:
Over 20 hours of footage from “02” to “2010 “was gone through. It really captures the time of the band and all we accomplished, from motley tours to velvet revolver shows, to MTV spring break , Red Rocks to countless festivals and studio footage , mostly captured by my wife Flavia. It truly adds power to the song and the song adds power to it. A symbiotic turn is now ours to share. I hope you enjoy the ride that was and is the Exies.

Capturing the essence of their youth and the spirit of the era, the brand new video for “For What It’s Worth” offers a candid portrayal of The Exies as they navigated the highs and lows of the music industry. From intimate studio sessions to adrenaline-fueled live performances, the video compilation showcases the band’s raw talent and unbridled passion for their craft.

The Exies’ music gained significant exposure through placements in numerous video games and tours alongside rock giants like Motley Crüe and Velvet Revolver. Following their hiatus, Stevens continued to leave an indelible mark on the musical landscape with co-written songs amassing over 2 billion streams and selling over 40 million albums. Now, The Exies are poised to pick up right where they left off with their reunion show and latest single, bringing together the nostalgia of their storied past and the freshness of their current creative evolution.

For the Viper Room, it’s family; it’s where we got signed. Everything that made a difference for us happened there, so it’s fitting that this is where the reunion show would be held,” Stevens shares, emphasizing the sentimental venue choice for their comeback performance. As their highly anticipated return to the stage nears, The Exies are poised for an unforgettable reunion show at the legendary Viper Room on LA’s Sunset Strip, scheduled for May 29th and hosted by none other than Matt Pinfield. Tickets for the Reunion Show are available now here:

More from The Exies:
The Exies, formed in 1997 and named in homage to John Lennon’s shortened term for the 1960s art students in Hamburg that called themselves “the existentialists”, had a prosperous journey, peaking with 2003’s Inertia and 2004’s Head For The Door. Both albums were released by Virgin Records and, combined, sold more than 500,000 copies.

In 2007, The Exies put out their third full-length, A Modern Way Of Living With The Truth, before disbanding three years later. Despite frontman Scott Stevens’ pivot to songwriting for others, amassing significant accolades and contributions to over 40 million album sales, the band’s 2010 dissolution left him longing for closure. This yearning and finding himself at a loose end in the beginning days of the pandemic, Stevens began to write and soon realized that new The Exies songs were materializing before him it just started to unfold happen without him realizing.

Speaking on the experience, Stevens shares
Once I committed to writing and producing for others, I really went in,” he explains. “I just jumped in the ocean and didn’t think about writing for myself anymore. And that’s why it was so odd when I went for a walk in 2020—outside with a mask on—and all of a sudden I hear a melody in my head and I’m like, ‘Who’s that? What’s that?’ And all of a sudden I realized that that’s my voice. It was very puzzling in the beginning, and then it started happening more and more. I don’t know what spurred it on or what caused it. Time? Not being able to work as much? Maybe my mind drifting a little bit more because I have to work. Nobody was coming over here because nobody was going anywhere. And I didn’t want to Zoom write, because although it’s kind of a way of life now and I love it, I was like ‘What is that?’ I really didn’t think about writing for The Exies again until it started haunting me.

The first of which, “Spirits High,” was released in 2023 and achieved significant success at rock radio. “For What It’s Worth” is the next step in the new era of the band. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more coming from The Exies soon.

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