PODCAST: Glacially Musical 176 – Queen’s Heaviest Album – “Queen II” Reviewed

Episode 2 of our series on Queen on tap! Nik and Keefy discuss the “heaviest album” by Rock’s most adventurous band!

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0:00 Intro Nik and Keefy Surprise info!
1:40 Beer ✅ Nik – Iron Hops Brewing Battlehawks Beer – Keefy – Liquid Death
5:14 Vinyl ✅ Nik – Tim Curry + KI$$, Attila (Billy Joel), Keefy – OTTTO (Ty Trujillo, son f Robert of Metallica )
9:58 News ✅ Nik – The Guess Who legal drama, Keefy – Record Store Day this weekend + Rock Hall announcement incoming
18:57 Shirt ✅ Nik – Attila, Keefy – @khemmis
20:32 Meat ✅ Queen II is really good and great in spots! Why so heavy? And Freddie takes over!


This is the “finger fudge pour: