Exclusive Song Stream: The Black Atlas – The Other

the black atlas album cover

Ghost Cult Magazine is proud to bring you the exclusive stream of the title track from the upcoming EP by The Black Atlas, entitled The Other. The Other is the first in a series of three EPs to be released based on The Equinox. We partnered with The Black Atlas, which is the d’identité du creatif of multi-instrumentalist and avant-garde rock upstart Peter Koronios, who birthed this concept after learning to play all the instruments heard herein in only 8 short months. The results are moody, heady and quite impressive. Hear the track ‘The Other’ now:

Press Notes:

RIYL: Dredg, Queens of the Stone Age, The National
The first in a series of three EP’s, The Other is the initial plunge into The Equinox concept, already receiving features on Diffuser.fm, PureGrain Audio, and , among others. Central figure/vocalist/instrumentalist of The Black Atlas, Peter Koronios, spent 8 months teaching himself guitar, bass, and piano, completing all the performances on the recording himself except for a few collaborations with Jesse Clasen (HRVRD, The Bear Romantic). The Other will be celebrated with a multimedia show in New York City on 11/20 at The Bowery Electric.

the black atlas promo photo

The EP The Other comes out officially on 11/18/14!