INTERVIEW: Charlie Parra del Riego on Shred Guitar, Touring with Chris Jericho (Fozzy), and Social Media

In this episode, Keefy caught up with Guitar master and Content Creator Charlie Parra del Riego! In addition to having several bands, touring with Chris Jericho’s (Fozzy) covers band around the world, Charlie is an infamous YouTuber with many iconic videos, covers, and collabs, and social media influencer! We talked all about his many interests and areas of expertise!Continue reading

YouTuber and Guitarist Charlie Parra del Riego to Tour with Kuarantine (Chris Jericho), Saratoga, and More This Summer

Charlie Parra del Riego

photo by Charlie Parra del Riego

Peruvian touring musician, Charlie Parra del Riego, who was originally a YouTuber, will be out on tour this Summer, playing in both Chris Jericho’s band, Kuarantine, and in Saratoga. The guitarist has also performed with numerous other acts, such as Kobra and the Lotus and M.A.S.A.C.R.E, as well as his own band, Difonia. Keep reading in the article below to find out more.
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