Unlocking The Truth Seeks Exit From Sony Music Deal

unlocking the truth

Unlocking The Truth are reportedly seeking to exit their $1.8 million dollar recording contract with Sony Music they signed last year. At the March 14th screening their Breaking A Monster documentary screening, band guitarist/singer Malcolm Brickhouse revealed they were seeking to sever ties with Sony due to “complications.”

Band drummer Jarad Dawkins said:

“Our attorneys are in the process of us exiting the label.”

When pressed for further details, he offered:

“We can’t discuss the complications. But complications — that’s what I can tell you.”

The band was formed by Brickhouse and his seventh grade friends Dawkins and bassist Alec Atkins started performing instrumental metal in 2010, and by the summer of 2013 they began performing regularly. Sony Music signs them to a multiple album deal, if sales figures are met, could land them $1.8 million.

Within the interview, it states about the band’s rise following on YouTube with the band’s performances in Times Square to band manager Alan Sacks signing the group and orchestrating their deal with Sony Music. But it also shows the friction between the band and Sacks, as well as with their label, and at meeting with their label presenting the trio as cartoon characters resembling “The Boondocks”, amongst other objections.

The band is scheduled to perform at South By Southwest, where they just performed this past Tuesday. No word on other previously scheduled live appearances at this time.

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