Watch Judas Priest Play “Killing Machine” For The First Time In Forty-One Years!

The Priest is back again! Judas Priest kicked off their first leg of their Firepower 2019 tour with a band yesterday in Paris at Zenith. The band plated and especially long set of hits and deep cuts. One such surprising track was ‘Killing Machine’! They have not played the title track of their 1978 album (a.k.a. Hell Bent For Leather) since the tour supporting that album. Amazing! Watch fan-filmed footage of this Heavy Metal classic right now, and check out the set list as well. Continue reading

Running Wild – Blazon Stone, Pile Of Skulls, Black Hand Inn, Masquerade Reissues

If ‘Riding The Storm’ from Death or Glory, the album that closed the first chapter of Running Wild’s career as well as being the chronological end of the first batch of Noise Records/BMG’s reissues, saw the band absolutely perfect their main songwriting style, sixth album Blazon Stone saw them kick off a run of unprecedented consistency and quality. By now armed with a recognisable, cohesive and distinct sound, for the next four albums, Rock n’ Rolf dragged Running Wild to a level of Heavy Metal excellence that, though predictable stylistically, was welcomed with open arms, raised horns and strained voices. During this period, Running Wild became masters at their craft, even if they had not yet perfected the art of the photo shoot (seriously… the Labyrinth style costumes and volumized bouffants have not aged well…)Continue reading

Running Wild – Gates To Purgatory, Branded and Exiled, Under Jolly Roger, Port Royal, Death Or Glory Reissues

For some of us Heavy Metal fans of a certain vintage, there exists a memory most tactile and warm; that of visiting record shops that sold vinyl by the rack load, and bloody cheap too. And one Saturday morning while absconding from Spanish GCSE duties, I stumbled up Running Wild’s Branded and Exiled in Time Records, going for less than the cost of a portion of chips (an additional option that was no doubt taken up later in the day).Continue reading

Putrid Offal Performing Live On French Radio Show Killing Machine


Putrid Offal’s forthcoming show, which is their first gig in 20 year will be a live session for French radio show Killing Machine (airplay on Radio Campus Lille, PodCasts available on MixCloud) on February 15, 2015. This will be for their debut full length Mature Necropsy, out February 2015 via Kaotoxin Records, and will be the first of an ongoing series of shows, including appearances at Unideath Fest (BE) on May 23 and at DeathFeast (DE) September 10-12. Stream Mature Necropsy here.

DJ Arno Geenens was part of Underground Records / Reincarnate Records in the 90s and responsible for the release of several Supuration albums and the Obscurum per Obscurium compilation (1992), which featured six of the best extreme metal underground bands from the Northern France scene. The PUTRID OFFAL contribution to that release can be found on their 90s discography compilation Premature Necropsy.

Putrid-Offal_mature necropsy Artwork_480x480