Light the Torch – Revival

Revival, huh? That seems a bit on the nose, don’t you think, Devil You Know? I mean, Light the Torch. See, it’s a Revival (Nuclear Blast), because it’s the first album since Devil You Know was forced to change their moniker due to legal troubles with a former drummer. Fucking drummers, man. Also, it’s a revival of sorts because Light the Torch is taking their sound to novel and interesting places. Continue reading

Light The Torch Debuts New Single – “Die Alone”

Light The Torch, the band formerly known as Devil You Know, will be releasing their new album, Revival, on March 30th via Nuclear Blast. The guys just shared their new ‘Die Alone’ single online, and as you’ll hear below, even though they have a new name, their sound remains the same. Continue reading

Prong – Zero Days

For a band that’s been around longer than I’ve been uselessly kicking around this earth, Prong still has plenty of juice. I enjoyed both Songs from the Black Hole and X – No Absolutes (both SPV/Steamhammer) just fine, but the vibe is different on album twelve(!), Zero Days (Steamhammer). Seems like Tommy Victor has been busy putting together a late career resurgence, not unlike the lads in Machine Head.Continue reading

Jamey Jasta Releases New Jasta Track With Howard Jones

Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta‘s side project, Jasta, was recently added to the Anthrax, Killswitch Engage and The Devil Wears Prada tour, and to get fans more excited for the upcoming dates, he’s released a brand new song. Continue reading

Hatebreed Announces New Album, Tour With Devil Driver Devil You Know And Act of Defiance

HAtebreed, photo credit Randy Johnson

Modern metal heavyweights Hatebreed have announced their new album The Concrete Confessional, due out later this year from Nuclear Blast Records. As hinted on Jamey Jasta’s podcast The Jasta Show, the band has also booked a headline tour of the US to promote the release, with Devildriver, Devil You Know and Act of Defiance

Jamey comment’s on the new album and tour:

“New album and tour in 2016?! Lets do this! Our return to the states has been a long time coming and we could not be more excited! Fans have been asking for us to tour with Devildriver and Devil You Know for a long time and we’re pumped to have Act Of Defiance on some shows as well. Get your tickets and we’ll see you in the pit!”

Hatebreed devildriver tour

Confirmed dates are as follows:
Hatebreed’s “The Concrete Confessional Tour” with Devildriver, *Devil You Know, **Act Of Defiance
May 13: The Odeon – Cleveland, OH
May 14: Metro Chicago, IL
May 15: Bourbon Theatre – Lincoln, NE
May 16: The Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO
May 17: The Complex – Salt Lake City, UT
May 19: The Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA
May 20: Ace of Spades- Sacramento, CA
May 21: The Glass House – Pomona, CA
May 22: Echoplex – Los Angeles, CA
May 23: The Marquee – Tempe, AZ
May 25: Warehouse Live – Houston, TX
May 26: Republic New Orleans – New Orleans, LA
May 27: Gas MonkeyDallas, TX
May 31:The MasqueradeAtlanta, GA
Jun 01: Hooligans – Jacksonville, NC
Jun 02: Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
Jun 03: Underground Arts- Philadelphia, PA
Jun 04: Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ
Jun 0
5 Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre – Montreal, QC
Jun 06:Opera HouseToronto, ON
Jun 07: Mr. Smalls Theatre – Millvale, PA
Jun 08: Upstate Concert Hall- Clifton Park, NY
Jun 09: Higher GroundSo. Burlington, VT
Jun 10: Lupo’s Heartbreak HotelProvidence, RI
Jun 11: Toad’s PlaceNew Haven, CT
*On tour May 13 – Jun 04
**On tour Jun 05 – Jun 11

Hatebreed headlining The Impericon Festivals 2016 Tour:
04/22: Turbinenhalle – Oberhausen, DE
04/23: Agra – Leipzig, DE
05/01: Melkweg – Amsterdam, NL
05/02: Academy – Manchester, UK
05/03: 02 Forum Kentish Town – London, UK
05/04: Les Docks De Paris – Paris, FR
05/05: X-Tra – Zurich, CH

05/06: Arena – Vienna, AT
05/07: Zenith – Munich, DE

European summer festival dates:
06/17:- 06/19: Hellfest – Clisson, FR
07/01:- 07/03 With Full Force Festival – Flugplatz Roitzschjora, DE
07/07:- 07/09:Resurrection Fest – Viveiro, ES
07/08:- 07/10:Out & Loud Festival – Geiselwind, DE
08/26:- 08/27: Reload Festival – Sulingen, DE

Hatebreed online

Hatebreed onFacebook

Hatebreed on Twitter

Hatebreed on Instagram

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Logan Mader of Once Human Shares Where Motivation Comes From

once human live

Within a band in modern times, musicians often maintain a larger role than originally expected. Logan Mader discovered this upon forming his latest musical venture Once Human, and aside from being the band’s guitarist and songwriter, he wears many other hats than the ones just mentioned, and explains about where his motivation comes from.

I’ve been juggling my workload, as a freelance producer and writer – you kind of have to multitask a lot. I’m also managing the band Starset. That also takes up a lot of time as well. They’re quite busy. I just make it work. I don’t sleep. I’ve had to shift my schedule around a bit to make some time for Once Human. Even still, I’m producing albums and before we go on tour I’ll be producing this record during the day and then rehearing at night, in between hanging out with my kids a little bit and go to the gym.

I’m managing the band Starset and I can do that from anywhere as long as I have internet connection and a phone. I’m managing Once Human as well. I have a partner and his name is Steve Hutton from Uppercut Management. He and I are partners on the band Starset and Once Human.

Being someone unafraid of new challenges, Mader took on the role of producing the band’s debut music video. He discovered that he thrives on working under pressure and finds a way to turn that into a positive.

It’s a little overwhelming I’ve gotta tell you at some point and I helped produce our music video (‘You Cunt’). I’ve never done that before. I’m taking on a lot of workload and day to day interaction. It’s challenging and there’s a lot of prepping involved. I like the challenge and I usually work good under pressure.

Sometimes I want to run away from it all but I never do. I always chip away and make it happen.

once human you cunt video shoot

He explained what Once Human is all about and his reasons after bowing out of the touring life for the past 12 years and entering the studio world to returning to a world he once was a part of.

Once Human is my rude awakening as an artist for me. It involves little bits of everything that I’ve learned throughout my experiences from the beginning. I’ve been doing music for 20 years and that’s all I’ve done. I’m wearing a lot of hats but not just a guitar player but a producer and manager. It’s a pure passion project that I feel inspired about it as I did when I first started playing in Machine Head. There’s something real here. I’m really excited about this. We’re gonna go with this and the fact that I can do it all, I can do this as well. I don’t have to just be behind the scenes in the studio. I can do this as well because I miss it. I like adrenaline and there’s only one way to get that is to do it.

I’ve tried other things like I do extreme off shore sport fishing. That’s when I have time. That’s a big adrenaline rush to catch a big 100 pound tuna. I get a similar type of rush from that. I play in poker tournaments and I get that adrenaline rush out of that. There’s nothing like playing at Dynamo Open Air Festival in 1995 in front of 110,000 people. Nothing can beat that, but it doesn’t even have to be 110,000 people. It could be 100 people. It could be 500 people. It could be whatever. That’s something I really love and makes life better to experience those things.

Photo Credit: Lauren Cohen

Photo Credit: Lauren Cohen

The band just completed their debut US tour supporting Fear Factory and completed their first ever live shows during this tour. Despite never playing a live show together as a band, Mader understood what he was getting himself into and was up for the challenge.

Well for me it’s fine because I’ve played over 700 shows in my life. For me as an individual, I’m ready to go. I know how to ride the bike. As a manager, I know real talent when I see it. I put together a band that could do this. These are people who are able to do what we need to do. We’re ready to go. Give it a little time. Any new band has to play a couple of shows before that real magical chemistry starts to naturally occur and build. Any band has to go through that, whether we play a local show or a couple of tours. It will develop in a live setting on a live setting over a natural course of time. But I know the foundation of raw talent is here. I’m confident about the fact we haven’t played a show yet and we’ve booked our first tour and we’re going to start touring in roughly a month from now. Especially the way we rehearse – we rehearse as if we’re performing. We’re pretty much rocking out in our practice room, like we would on stage.

I know it’s like the difference of a flight simulator and actually flying a plane. It’s about exactly the same but you can see that the energy and the live and the ability to do it live for real.

We just did our first video for the song ‘You Cunt.’ My singer Lauren [Hart] wrote the video and directed it. We’re really happy with the way it came out. It looks amazing. It’s a great story and narrative, and good acting in it and cool live performance. I think it turned out real good, considering for the budget what most people work with for a music video these days. The budgets are so small you’ve got to be resourceful and creative.

On the subject of touring, he spoke about the possibilities of doing seminars on recording, and already had ideas brewing within his head about the subject.

It’s funny you say that because I’m thinking about starting to think about doing some workshops for production, songwriting, recording, and editing. I’m working with Blasko. He’s producer managing me now. We just started it. He thought it was a cool idea.

once human lauren hart

Lastly, he shared a story about going fishing with Devil You Know (and former Killswitch Engage) vocalist Howard Jones. The two shared a love of sport fishing and ventured out together to fish. Mader explains from there:

I didn’t introduce him to fishing. When I was producing the first Devil You Know album, I looked at his laptop when we were writing lyrics. He had a picture of him holding a big fish. I asked him ‘do you fish?’ He said ‘fuck yeah I fish.’ I was like ‘Me too.’ We bonded on the sport fishing thing.

When we finished the recording I took him out on an overnight fishing trip in Mexican waters on my friend’s boat. It was a fun trip. First thing we know I overrun a 100 pound Blue Fin Tuna, a really good sized tuna. The conditions were bad. We were fighting the fish for over two hours. It wasn’t just me. I was handing it off because I wasn’t able to get it and it was kicking our asses so bad because we had a lighter rig and the fish was too big for the rig so we had to release it or the line would break.

It was kicking our ass for two hours so Howard broke the bad line. We were like ‘here you want to pull on the line for a little while?’ He was like ‘sure OK’ and then grabs the line and then within ten seconds the fish broke off and it got away. We felt bad. We were devastated. It wasn’t his fault. He felt bad about that one.

Later on that day we caught some other fish so it was all good. It was an epic battle and we will never forget that one.

By Rei Nishimoto

On The Road… with Coal Chamber And Fear Factory


One of the more interesting bills this summer of tours in the US is the co-headline tour from Coal Chamber and Fear Factory. Both names recall a simpler time when pants were baggy, fishnet sleeves were cool on guys, and even venerable old groups were “getting jiggy wit it” to Nu-Metal. Coal Chamber of course started around the same time as Korn and Deftones in California, to spur the “Nu” tide and bring their gothy spin to the Ozzfest crowd (Sharon Osborne managed them for a spell too). Fear Factory of course is the pioneering industrial metal band who paved the way for many and also mixed in the style du-jour with their own back then. So it’s not that big a shock that in 2015 with one band already touring behind a comeback album (Rivals by CC dropped in the spring from Napalm) and another about to launch a new album, these bands would team-up like Marvel. Coal Chamber always puts on a fun show live and played a mix of hits and newer tracks. Led by fireplug Dez Fafara, they gave the fans what they wanted: nostalgia. Fear Factory, on the cusp of releasing Genexus (Nuclear Blast) this summer, kept it tight on old jams and one new one, ‘Soul Hacker’. Joining them for a few early dates was Devil You Know, who are working on a new album too. Rockers like Saint Ridley and Madlife (not pictured) are setting the table for this tour too, so get to the club early. Shot here on the first night of the tour at the Rialto Theater, in Tuscon AZ, Melina Dellamarggio of Melina D Photography brings you all the action you missed as if you were there.

Coal Chamber, by Melina D Photography

Coal Chamber, by Melina D Photography

Coal Chamber, by Melina D Photography

Coal Chamber, by Melina D Photography


Coal Chamber, by Melina D Photography

Coal Chamber, by Melina D Photography

Fear Factory, by Melina D Photography

Fear Factory, by Melina D Photography

Fear Factory, by Melina D Photography

Fear Factory, by Melina D Photography

Devil You Know, by Melina D. Photography

Devil You Know, by Melina D. Photography

Saint Ridley, by Melina D Photography

Saint Ridley, by Melina D Photography

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Anthrax Launches Devil You Know Bourbon

anthrax bourbon

Anthrax today unveiled their new line of Burbon dubbed “The Devil You Know”, named for their song ‘The Devil You Know’ from 2011’s Worship Music (Megaforce) album. The limited-edition Bourbon retails for $59 and is available here. “Hand selected” by the veteran thrash band and created in conjunction with Kentucky-based Knob Creek distillery, ever order comes with an autographed card from the band.

Scott Ian comments on the creation of Devil You Know Bourbon:

“If we find something we really like and that we actually drink ourselves, we think maybe our fans might like it too, so we want to make it available for them”. “We really enjoyed ‘Indians,’ the bourbon we produced last year, and obviously our fans did as well as it sold out really quickly.”

The band promised the drink will be truly unique due to the blend of specially selected aged bourbons and rye whiskeys, as well as the wood barrels they were aged in.



Frank Bello remarked about the process:

“We had a great time sampling the different bourbons to find the one we thought was the best… And we hope our fans have the same good time drinking it. Responsibly, of course.”

Anthrax is on tour all year as the progress towards the follow up to Worship Music, due out in early 2016.

Scott Ian of Anthrax, shot by Echoes In The Well

Scott Ian of Anthrax, photo by Echoes In The Well


Anthrax online

Anthrax on Facebook

Anthrax on Twitter

Anthrax on YouTube

Anthrax on Instagram

Fear Factory Releasing Genexus On August 7th

Photo Credit: Kevin Estrada

Photo Credit: Kevin Estrada

Los Angeles industrial tinged extreme metallers Fear Factory will be issuing their ninth studio release Genexus on August 7, 2015 worldwide via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The The record was co-produced by long-time collaborator Rhys Fulber, along with founding guitarist Dino Cazares and vocalist Burton Bell and mixed by Andy Sneap (Arch Enemy, Testament, Exodus, Machine Head).

Commented founding guitarist Dino Cazares:

“The sensation of finalizing our newest album is one of relief and joy, wrapped within a massive whirlwind of excitement, We really feel this is a very special Fear Factory album. While being careful not to replicate ourselves, this album still has a very classic Fear Factory vibe that we feel will appease both old and new fans. The aggressive, melodic and industrial elements are all intact and shine more than ever.

“Burt and I produced the album with Rhys Fulber co-producing. Damien Rainuad and Giuseppe Bassi handled most of the keys and pre-production. We also enlisted the masterful metallic skills of Andy Sneap for an amazing mixing job!

“We would like to thank everyone who has been a big part in the making of this record. We can’t wait for everybody to hear it.”

The band will be hitting the road with Coal Chamber in support of the record.

Jul 24: Rialto Theatre – Tucson, AZ (with Devil You Know)
Jul 25: Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, NM (with Devil You Know)
Jul 26: Tricky Falls – El Paso, TX (with Devil You Know)
Jul 28: Alamo City Music Hall – San Antonio, TX (with Jasta)
Jul 29: Gas Monkey – Dallas, TX (with Jasta)
Jul 30: Granada – Lawrence, KS (with Jasta)
Jul 31: Pop’s – Sauget, IL (with Jasta)
Aug 01: Bogart’s – Cincinnati, OH (with Jasta)
Aug 02: Track 29 – Chattanooga, TN (with Jasta)
Aug 03: The Orange Peel – Asheville, NC (with Jasta)
Aug 04: Music Farm – Columbia, SC (with Jasta)
Aug 06: Concord Music Hall – Chicago, IL (with Jasta)
Aug 08: Water Street Music Hall – Rochester, NY (with Jasta)
Aug 10: London Music Hall – London, ON (with Jasta)
Aug 11: Irving Plaza – New York, NY (with Jasta)
Aug 12: The Chance – Poughkeepsie, NY (with Jasta)
Aug 15: Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA (with Devil You Know)
Aug 16: Agora – Cleveland, OH (with Devil You Know)
Aug 18: Bourbon Theatre – Lincoln, NE (with Devil You Know)
Aug 19: The Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO (with Devil You Know)
Aug 20: The Complex – Salt Lake City, UT (with Devil You Know)
Aug 21: Brooklyn Bowl – Las Vegas, NV (with Devil You Know)
Aug 22: The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA (with Devil You Know)