The Blood Brothers Announce 20th Anniversary Re-Issue of “Crimes” Album and Book First Shows in Ten Years

Seattle post-hardcore five piece, The Blood Brothers, are celebrating two decades of their album, Crimes, giving it a limited vinyl reissue. The new edition of the record is due out on October 4th via Epitaph Records. The band have also announced their first live appearances in a decade, with a US tour this November and December. Keep reading below to find out more.
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EP REVIEW: American Nightmare – Dedicated to the Next World


Existential dread, class war, and alienation? Seems like a great time for some new American Nightmare. The storm clouds of tomorrow loom over this fantastic new EP from the beloved hardcore (with post-punk sprinkles) institution on their latest release Dedicated To The Next World (Heartworm Press).

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Oceans Ate Alaska – Lost Isles



Making waves (see what I did there…) following two introductory EP on Density Records, talented quintet Oceans Ate Alaska, from Birmingham, England, are a schizophrenic psychotic tick in musical guise. Dubbing themselves as progressive metalcore seems to undersell and mislead, as Lost Isles (Fearless) showcases a high degree of technical proficiency, spurting spasming rhythms of meticulous, systematic precision and understated melodic britcore (yes, I’m using that phrase and with no apologies – British metalcore sounds different to its American counterpart).

As if adamant to prove that under the sea lives all manner of chaotic life form, within 43 seconds of opening track ‘Blood Brothers’ (we’ll ignore the inevitable, ubiquitous, unnecessary “intro” track) we’ve been treated to convulsion of rhythmic battery alongside vocal paroxysms that spit out three different styles, screamo, death metal growl and sung, over three different riffs, before the song lurches off-kilter into yet more spasmodic sections.

The process of bursts of rapid-fire arrhythmic violence continues throughout, seeking to cuff the brain into submission with unyielding sonic ruptures, a tech metal death by a thousand guitar stabs, before Oceans Ate Alaska open up their sound on ‘Vultures and Sharks’ and start to truly display the potential within.

There are inevitable comparisons to Bring Me The Horizon, mainly in that James Harrison’s sung tones and the melody lines used are not a million miles away from Oli Sykes, but Oceans… are a different beast; there’s added Meshuggah and spice to their stylings. Fellow scribe Chris Tippell coined them BMTH meets The Contortionist and his radar is as tight as the intermittent punch that permeates ‘Over The Edge’ on his tech-prog-core.

It can be difficult setting out to try and differentiate yourselves from others, and Oceans Ate Alaska perhaps push things too far in setting their stall in the kitchen-sink side of headfuck music, though they can take credit from the fact that not only are they ploughing their own furrow, but they have the technical chops and ear for melody to make it happen for themselves. Lost Isles is a sensory overload that will make an impression on the ears and minds of those who like their discordance delivered as a staccato premeditated cudgelling, while with tunes like ‘Downsides’ in their arsenal, the band have the breadth to push into more melodic and conventional streams.

So, now they’ve consumed Alaska, it’ll be very interesting to see what they fancy making for dessert…


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Head Wound City (Blood Brothers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) Streaming “Street College”

Head Wound City

Head Wound City

Head Wound City is streaming “Street College”, off their debut self titled EP, out March 10, 2015 via Three One G Records, here.

01. Radical Friends
02. I’m a Taxidermist I’ll Stuff Anything
03. Prick Class
04. Street College
05. New Soak for Our Empty Pocket
06. Thrash Zoo
07. Michael J. Fux feat. Gnarls in Charge

head wound city_promo.184536

The idea for the band was said to have come as a result of a period when the Blood Brothers were touring with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, leading YYY’s guitarist Nick Zinner to drunkenly discuss the idea of collaborating with vocalist Jordan Billie and guitarist Cody Votolato of the Blood Brothers. From there, the three plotted to usurp the skills of locusts; specifically, bassist Justin Pearson and drummer Gabe Serbian. Despite the fact that schedules often conflicted and locations of the five at any given time were quite varied, the idea came to fruition in one short, shining moment of frenzied glory.

Head Wound City and The Blood Brothers vocalist Jordan Billie.

Head Wound City and The Blood Brothers vocalist Jordan Billie.

Not surprisingly (if you are familiar with any of the members’ other bands), the music is a whirlwind of intensity, which is fitting given that it was written, recorded, and produced in the span of only a week before being released by Three One G Records in 2005. All seven tracks showcase Blilie’s one of a kind, relentlessly vicious vocals. Listen more closely, and you will quickly recognize Serbian’s rapid-fire, precision drumming mixed with Pearson’s hard-hitting bass lines, which mesh perfectly alongside Votolato’s cacophonous guitar style in conjunction with Zinner’s playing (which takes on a harsher tone than we typically get to hear from his playing in the Yeah Yeah Yeahs). Clever and humorous song titles such as “I’m a Taxidermist- I’ll Stuff Anything” and “Street College” give way to lyrics that are full of curious imagery and bellicose attitude, emanating influence from each of the band’s members.

All band members have gone on to work with numerous other projects—Serbian having played with Retox for a stint as well as Rat’s Eyes, Justin currently focused mainly on vocals for Retox, and both still living as insects. Blilie has since played in Past Lives and Votolato with Jaguar Love. Zinner continues an increasingly successful career with The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.