The Devil You Know: Live at Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA

There is a certain degree of anticipation for a debut performance of a band, especially when the act features members of well recognized bands. Billed under the name “All Devolved Shall Engage’, this brand new band known as The Devil You Know gave some interested fans a taste of what was to come, and they definitely ate it up immediately.

The band features Howard Jones, the former Killswitch Engage vocalist, as well as All Shall Perish guitarist Francesco Artusato, Devolved drummer John Sankey, Bleeding Through bassist Ryan Wombacher and second guitarist Roy Lev-Ari. The fivesome sounded strong for a band who had never shared a stage together, and definitely had very few kinks to work out throughout the evening.

Jones came out on fire and did not seem to lose a step from his time away from the stage. His new support team complimented him well and he looked very comfortable with them. Wombacher’s interaction with Jones worked well and they looked like they having fun throughout the entire evening during the set.

They gave the eager crowd their first taste of material from their forthcoming album The Beauty of Destruction (Nuclear Blast), and it definitely did not disappoint. Musically The Devil You Know’s sound is heavy emotion driven, somewhat like Jones’ previous outfit, but also features more metal driven guitar parts as well. Songs like ‘Shut It Down’ was one of the few leaked tuned the crowd was somewhat familiar with their tunes.

The Devil You Know gave fans hope for a new band to get excited over in 2014. Very seldomly do brand new acts come out on fire like this and hopefully will attract a lot more fans throughout the year. Do not pass up opportunities to experience them.



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By Rei Nishimoto