SPONSORED POST: Phenyx Pro PTU-2U True Diversity Microphones Unboxing, Review and Press Tent Test with Rock and Metal Artists 


This video is sponsored by Phenyx Pro! They sent us the Phenyx Pro PTU-2U True Diversity Wireless Microphone System to test out! So just hours after we unboxed it, we took the system and tested it in the most difficult of circumstances, the press tent of a major rock and metal festival! We used it to interview real rockstars! A music festival is always crazy loud and challenging to get our interviews done and sounding great, but the Phenyx Pro wireless microphones totally outperformed our current lav mic system! We even shared an A-B test in the video to prove the awesome power of these microphones.  



The Advantages of the PTU-2U:
*Dual channel UHF band (530 – 580MHz) audio wireless microphone system with the state-of-art true diversity circuitry for interference cancellation.

*1000 selectable frequency groups allow multiset operation and avoid interference in the complicated RF environment.

*Long-range operation of 300 – 328ft line of sight with quick IR sync.

*This UHF receiver is equipped with auto scan, squelch control, and lock functions, to locate the best frequency, decrease white noises, and lock your setting.


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PTU-2U | True Diversity Dual Wireless Microphone System (2H/1H1B)

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Time stamp:

0:00 Intro

0:45 Specs and System Overview

01:51 Unboxing segment

04:22 At the music festival

05:00 A-B Test with artists

05:31 Summary and outro


Written and co-produced by Ghost Cult Keefy (www.instagram.com/ghostcultkeefy). Co-producer and edited by Omar Cordy of OJC Photography (https://www.instagram.com/ojcpics​​​​). Intro, specs, and Unboxing segment video by Antonio Pagliossoto (https://www.instagram.com/pagliassotto_usa), Theme music by Salted Wounds (www.instagram.com/saltedwoundsnyc). 


Unboxing video segment shot at the Casa de Pags (thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Pags).

Interview footage shot in the press tent filmed and recorded by Keefy

Artists shown in the segment: (interviews coming soon to the channel)


 Amigo The Devil  

 Lilith Czar  

 Eva Under Fire  

 Twitching Tongues  

 Jared James Nichols​


Phenyx Pro PTU-2U True Diversity Microphone System lists for $499, but sells for $319.00

What’s in the box?

1 x Wireless Receiver
2 x Wireless Handheld Microphone
1 x Power Adapter
4 x BNC Antenna
4 x AA Battery
1 x 6.35mm Audio Cable
1 x User’s Manual
2 x Anti-Rolling Ring