Six Hours (Salted Wounds, Red Heart Field, The Rings Exile Me) Release Their New EP – “Ascend”

Multi-national Extreme Metal project Six Hours (sometimes stylized as 6Hours) has released their new six-song EP – Ascend. The EP surprise dropped on the International Six Hours day, June 6th at 6 AM, or 6/6 at 6 AM, a.k.a. the most metal day of the year and International Day of Slayer! The band features vocalist and lyricist Urs Dorian Schmieling (The Rings Exile Me) and musician, composer, producer, and artist Fahad Syed (Salted Wounds, Red Heart Field). Close followers of Ghost Cult’s website and socials have heard Fahad’s music often as he is also the music composer of Ghost Cult’s YouTube videos, and much more! The Six Hours Ascend EP is out now wherever you stream your music and you can watch the video for the title track below. 



Track List:

  1. A Million Souls  
  2. Darkness Falls 
  3. Revolt 
  4. What Lies Below 
  5. Death Bringer  
  6. Ascend 


Six Hours is:
Fahad (All music & Production): Instagram –
Dorian (Vocals ): Instagram –…