Silenoz Says The New Dimmu Borgir Album Is “The Best Album We Have Done To Date.”

We’ve known for a while now that Dimmu Borgir has been working on a new album, and we have an exciting new update from guitarist Silenoz. In a new interview with Rock ‘N’ Roll Journalist, he states “You can expect what I would consider, of course, the best album we have done to date. I know every band says that, but if I didn’t believe in us doing the best album so far in our career, then there wouldn’t be any point making a new album. I think it’s fair to say that the fans should expect the best album as well, because we have been away for so many years now and we have obviously something to prove, not only to ourselves but also to the fans. I think we will be able to deliver what they expect, and once they hear the new album, they probably will forget about all the years that have gone by without new music. I think it’s safe to say that the parts that are more epic and majestic are more epic and majestic, and the same goes for the brutal sound of Dimmu Borgir and also the primitive and more black metal sound of DIMMU is more black metal this time around. So you will have the more extremes of each part that we are known for.

The follow up to 2010’s “Abrahadabra” album is tentatively due in late 2017 or early 2018. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

via Rock ‘N’ Roll Journalist