Séance of Sorrow Share their Debut Single and Music Video “Unholy Angel”

Oklahoma’s Creepy Heavy Rock band Séance of Sorrow share their debut single and music video, “Unholy Angel!” Formed in the wake of a brutal murder, dark rock outfit Séance of Sorrow uses music as their medium to communicate with the mortal world. Acting as a conduit between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead, his mournful melodies tell their story. Watch the video directed by Tomi Jo Mouser of Housermouse Productions, here:

Fans of ‘Unholy Angel’ can head to seanceofsorrow.com to enjoy the comic book recreations of the music video and purchase band merch.

Each song provides a psychic vision to vocalist, Michael Morrison, revealing details of their former lives, their grieving loved ones, and their similar, tragic endings. ‘Unholy Angel’ was produced, mixed, & mastered by Chris Collier (Korn, Fear Factory, Prong). Jeremy Beightol and Noah Batterson created the artwork for ‘Unholy Angel’.

Condemned to ‘The Black’, a place where forsaken souls with unfinished business reside, they strive to eventually write the one song that will give Michael the vision of who took their lives. Until then, SOS play their cryptic hard rock through eternal darkness. Close your eyes, open your hearts, and let the ritual begin. This is the Séance of Sorrow

Séance of Sorrow are:
Michael Morrison | Vocals
Darian Deity | Lead Guitar
Matthew Morbid | Guitar
Johnny Angel | Bass
Garrett Gruesome | Drums


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