Satanic North (Ensiferum) Share Single and Video “War” with Debut Album Coming Soon

Finnish black metallers, Satanic North – featuring Petri Lindroos (Ensiferum, Warmen) and Janne Parviainen (Ensiferum) – are preparing to unleash their self-titled, debut full-length. In advance of the release, the band has revealed their first single, “War,” along with its own visualizer video. The album is due out on April 19th, in CD and vinyl formats, via the Reaper Entertainment record label. Catch the new video and more in the article below.

Stream “War” and pre-order Satanic North here.

The band comments, ““War” is a face-melting song to show you what’s coming up with the debut album. We present this first single with pride so enjoy the blast and the beating.

Satanic North came together quickly and effortlessly, exorcized, and recorded during an unholy Summer. “We kept everything very simple and practical. We didn’t want to waste too many takes to keep the songs raw and natural,” Lindroos explains. “The mix was completed by the Winter solstice and now this beast lies in wait, ready to be unleashed.

Satanic North, which features cover art by Finntroll guitarist and graphic mastermind, Samuli Ponsimaa, is an album storming towards us in the sign of hell, delivering an unrelenting, extreme approach to a genre that has perhaps become a little soft and tender as of late. Lindroos elaborates, “We all have the same vision of black metal, and that vision is: stop the midtempo, let’s bring back the blastbeats.

Satanic North tracklisting:
01 War
02 Arise
03 Village
04 Hatred And Blasphemy
05 Four Demons
06 Behind The Inverted Cross
07 Vultures
08 Wolf
09 Kohti Kuolemaa
10 Satanic North

Satanic North:
Von Occult – vocals
Skomorokh – guitars
IIT Caprae – bass, backing vocals
Abyssir – drums

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