S.O.R.M Drop New Single “Under My Skin” Featuring Doug Blair (W.A.S.P.)

Rising hard rock outfit S.O.R.M has just dropped their new single, “Under My Skin.” This an alternative, original version of the piano piece title track from the band’s recent album, released in 2023. It features guest appearances from legendary W.A.S.P. guitarist, Doug Blair, and The Nightflight Orchestra’s Anna Brygård. Check it out in the article below and read more from the band.

Stream “Under My Skin” here.

I am very proud of a collaboration that began already 2 years ago, when Micke Holm asked if I’d contribute a lead to a track being recorded by his band S.O.R.M,” says Doug Blair. 

I’d met Micke a while after he purchased the very last unsold 1990s Blair Mutant Twin double neck acoustic/electric guitar, which I delivered to his colleague in Stockholm. We’ve performed together quite a few times since then, in Sweden and Finland, as a duo and with the S.O.R.M band. It’s been great to know the guys, and be involved a bit in their growth!

He continues:
Cautiously agreeing to take a listen to a song (always being naturally skeptical), “Under My Skin” enthralled on first listen! Micke’s vocal delivery, the lyrics and dynamics of the arrangement all made me pumped up to craft something cool for the emotional solo section. Last year, we finally found time to meet and mix the song in Stockholm – as I had requested (and demoed) a few effective overall arrangement/dynamics ideas, which I thought would improve the results! If you enjoy my leads on “Heaven’s Hung”, “Miss You”, etc., you WILL enjoy this song and lead! Give these guys a listen, and soon l’ll announce an upcoming appearance with Micke again!

Guitarist and vocalist Micke Holm about the track:
This version of “Under My Skin” was the original version of the song from the beginning. It was meant to be on the album but unfortunately was not finished in time. That’s why we did a piano version for the record. In this power ballad version, we have the honor to work with Doug Blair from the legendary W.A.S.P and Anna Brygård from The Nightflight Orchestra.

Furthermore, this song in particular is a very special piece of music for guitarist and singer Micke Holm, as the band reveals: “Under My Skin is a very personal song to Micke. It’s about him battling with depression and suicidal anxiety for many years. And it’s also a reminder to all you who have anxiety or know someone who has, that you’re not alone! We are all brothers and sisters battling the same war!

More from S.O.R.M:
Formed in 2017, S.O.R.M quickly made a name for themselves with their hook-laden EP Hellraiser (2020). With influences ranging from Grand Magus to Ghost and Judas Priest, S.O.R.M has carved out a unique sound that appeals to a wide heavy music audience. The band, consisting of Micke Holm on guitar and vocals, Johan Östman on bass, and Robin Wernebratt on drums, signed with Noble Demon in 2020 and released their debut full-length record in August 2023. Tracks like “I Die For My Rock N Roll” (feat. Dee Snider guitarist Nick Petrino) and “Crazy” have already garnered attention from fans and critics alike and with their latest single featuring Doug Blair of W.A.S.P, the band continues to set the bar high – in S.O.R.M style! 

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