Return to Dust Drop New Single and Video for “No Love”


Los Angeles grunge trio, Return to Dust, have just released their latest single, “No Love”, today via Jim Kaufman Productions. The track, and its Matt Akana directed video, are the first new material from the band since their last EP, The Black Road. Check out the video below, and read more about Return to Dust.

Stream/download “No Love” here.


Speaking on today’s release, the band shares:

“No Love” is a tough reminder that the days are escaping and it may feel hopeless to play catch up, but that those feelings are normal. Shedding your adolescence and merging into the global rat race is something we all have to do, and the path ahead is never really clear. Life will spare no love.”


It’s always been a big part of the band to let people in, whoever, to see what we do. Having a house party with friends and fans that was also a music video shoot was a perfect way to accomplish that. With the video, we wanted to convey the live energy of the band in a show setting, while also steering away from the snoody, “larger than life” facade a lot of artists put on.”


Sharing insight as the producer of “No Love”, Jim Kaufman continues:

“No Love’ represents the culmination of the band’s artistic vision and our commitment to delivering meaningful music. They poured their hearts out on every note. We’re excited to share this song and continue to push the depths of the band.”


After racking up over 2 million TikTok views within a weekend, the band’s fan base has skyrocketed. Still on the high of selling out the Viper Room at the EP release show, the band earned a stamp of approval from rock impresario, Allison Hagendorf, as their single “Losing Faith” was featured on an episode of The Allison Hagendorf Show‘s Sound Advice. The trio are continuing to catch fire, as none other than Matt Pinfield tagged in and showcased the band on KLOSNew And Approved.


Return to Dust, who are heavily inspired by the legendary Alice In Chains, have already cultivated a reputation in the local Los Angeles music scene before the release of their debut EP, The Black Road (see our recent video interview) produced by none other than Jim Kaufman (Everclear, Danny Worsnop, Night Riots, Helmet). With their remarkable cinematic approach, the rock trio are on track for an unforgettable year of touring and new music.


Southern California fans also have the chance to see Return to Dust at The Haven in Pomona on Sunday, October 1st. Return to Dust will be appearing with genre blending Marlon Funaki, for an epic night of live music.


Fans can purchase tickets in advance here.


Check out Keefy’s recent interview with the band:

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More about Return to Dust:

Los Angeles based alternative/grunge rock trio Return to Dust (Matty Joseph, Graham Stanush, Sebastian Gonzalez) has already scripted a karmic saga that traverses decades, pays homage to the past, and plants its roots firmly in the future. Listening within their sonic universe is like time-traveling to the halcyon days of the ’90s grunge era. Their sound, influenced by heavyweights of the time, reverberates with the echoes of Deftones, Alice In Chains, and the soul of Nirvana — but, their brilliance doesn’t stop there. The band draws inspiration from a diverse palette, blending in bits from bands like The Cure, Metallica, and Cage The Elephant, molding them into their own unique musical tapestry.


Return to Dust breathes life into a sound that feels both genuine and tailor-made to encapsulate the essence of a bygone era, leaving fans awash in nostalgia. Yet, it’s not merely a mimicry of the past; instead, it’s a fusion of the old and the new — an alchemy that conjures a sound distinctly their own. At the core are alluring bass lines (Stanush), gritty guitar riffs (Gonzalez, Joseph) and dual lead vocals (Joseph, Stanush) that harmonize and intertwine, weaving an ethereal soundscape that resonates with raw emotion and unyielding energy. It’s a moody concoction that pays homage to an iconic era while fearlessly exploring uncharted territories. Return to Dust beckons audiences into their world, where the past and present converge, igniting a fervor that keeps the flames of grunge alive.


Return to Dust found its meteoric rise propelled by a chance encounter with none other than the illustrious producer Jim Kaufman (Helmet, Everclear, Night Riots). Under Kaufman’s mentorship, the band’s raw talent began to soar. During the darkest days of the pandemic, when the world stood still, Return to Dust seized the opportunity to channel their collective energy into crafting something profound. The result was their debut EP, a mesmerizing creation titled The Black Road. It was a labor of love and dedication that not only transcended the barriers of personal growth, but also etched the band’s name into the future of rock.


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