Ozzy Osbourne Has the #1 Rock Record in The World


Ozzy Osbourne’s new album, Ordinary Man (Epic Records), is now the Number One rock record in the world, with Top Ten chart positions in seven countries. It is already the highest-charting album of Ozzy’s entire career. The album has debuted on three Billboard charts including #1 On Top Rock Albums Chart, # 2 Top Album Sales Chart, and #3 On The Top 200. Rock and Metal don’t often factor in the pop charts, but this is still very big deal for the music industry.

Debuts On Billboard Charts:

#1 On Top Rock Albums Chart

# 2 Top Album Sales Chart

#3 On The Top 200

In the U.S., the album entered the Billboard charts at #3 on the Top 200 chart, #2 on the Top Album Sales chart (making it his highest-charting album ever on the tally, surpassing his No. 3 peak with Black Rain) and #1 on the Billboard Top Rock Albums Chart. This marks OZZY’s fifth consecutive Top 5 entry and sixth Top 10 entry on the Top 200 chart. It also places ahead of his most recent offering, Scream, which arrived at #4 in 2010.

Worldwide, ORDINARY MAN has entered the charts in the Top Ten in seven countries making it the highest-charting album of OZZY’s career. It debuted at #3 on the U.K. chart, breaking OZZY’s previous peak on the charts 40 years ago for Blizzard of Ozz (which peaked at #7). OZZY also demolished his highest chart position in Australia, debuting at #4 and cracking the Top 10 there for the first time in his career. OZZY secured his solo career’s highest marks in Germany as well, coming in at #2. Elsewhere, the album earned Top Ten positions in Sweden at #1, the U.S. #3, Italy #6 and Ireland #6.

To celebrate the album’s arrival, OZZY made history by launching a worldwide tattoo sale and album listening event. Held on the eve of the album’s release (February 20), OZZY premiered his new album simultaneously at tattoo parlors in 57 cities around the world–making it the largest multi-city album release event in rock ‘n’ roll history. Globally more than 3,000 fans received exclusive OZZY-inspired tattoos created specifically for the one-day only event while hearing the album for the first time. Over 1,000 unique tattoo designs were created from some of the top artists around the world, with a total social reach of over 20 million. Here are some of the tattoo designs:

CREDIT (in order):

BERLIN – Bläckfisk Tattoo (artist: KALO)

SYDNEY – The Darling Parlour (artist: Daniel Joseph)

SÃO PAULO – Black Tree Ink (artist: Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod)

SYDNEY – The Darling Parlour (artist: Habby Yuan)

BRUSSELS – La Boucherie Moderne (artist: Maelze Buth)

SYDNEY – The Darling Parlour (artist: Ginger Jeong)

LISBON – Queen Of Hearts Tattoos (artist: Ann d’Cor)

“To say that I’m honored is not enough,” OZZY says. “I’m truly blown away that 3,000 people got Ozzy-inspired tattoos.”