NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: New Rock and Metal Releases 2-9-24

What new Rock and Metal releases are you looking forward to this week?

Alfahanne – Vår tid är nu (Dark Essence Records) (Buy)
All This Filth – Will Tomorrow Be Better? (Brutal Records) (Buy)
Aureole – Alunarian Ghosts Of Bellmaster (Lupus Lounge) (Buy)
Blutgott – Dragongods (Massacre Records) (Buy)
Chelsea Wolfe – She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She (Loma Vista Recordings) (Buy)
Contaminated – Celebratory Beheading (Blood Harvest Records) (Buy)
Crawling Through Tartarus – Thread of Life (PitBeast Records) (Buy)
Ember Belladonna – The Grove (Self-Released) (Buy)
Emergency Rule – The King Of Ithaca (Wormholedeath Records) (Buy)
F.K.Ü. – The Horror And The Metal (Despotz Records) (Buy)
Gates Open – Voice After Silence (Inverse Records) (Buy)
Haystack – Doomsday Goes Away (Threeman Records) (Buy)
Hulder – Verses In Oath (20 Buck Spin) (Buy)
Infected Rain – Time (Napalm Records) (Buy)
In Vain – Back To Nowhere (Fighter Records) (Buy)
Jack J Hutchinson – Battles (Earache Records) (Buy)
Kungens Män – För samtida djur 1 (Majestic Mountain Records) (Buy)
The Last Ten Seconds Of Life – No Name Graves (Unique Leader Leaders) (Buy)
Lockdown – Step Over The Bodies (Self-Made Records) (Buy)
Metal De Facto – Land Of The Rising Sun Part 1 (Rockshots Records) (Buy)
Morbid Saint – Swallowed By Hell (High Roller Records) (Buy)
Nefariant – Noct EP (Self-Records) (Buy)
Night Slasher – Night Slasher (Sliptrick Records) (Buy)
Per Wiberg – The Serpent’s Here (Despotz Records) (Buy)
Petrification – Sever Sacred Light (Svart Records) (Buy)
The Pineapple Thief – It Leads To This (Kscope Records) (Buy)
Red Temple Pray – Can It Get Any Worse? (Self-Release) (Buy)
Revolution Saints – Against The Winds (Frontiers srl) (Buy)
Smoking Snakes – Danger Zone (Frontiers srl) (Buy)
Snayx – Better Days (Snake Soundz) (Buy)
The Sorrow Of Being Immaculate – Church Music For Satanists (Self-Released) (Buy)
Spectral Voice – Sparagmos (Dark Descent Records) (Buy)
Spiritual Deception – Semitae Mentis (Amputated Vein Records) (Buy)
Takida – The Agony Flame (Napalm Records) (Buy)
Throat – Blood Exaltation – (Primitive Reaction Records) (Buy)
Trunk – Born Dead (Self-Released) (Buy)
TSO – Hellcare (Self-Released) (Buy)