Modern Metal band THECITYISOURS just released their new album Low and its full of bangers! We caught up with vocalist/guitarist Mikey Page over email to find out about his most cherished concert memory ever!

In 2015, after a pretty crazy set of circumstances, I managed to see the Foo Fighters for the first time. I’d been a massive fan of the band for years. Dave Grohl has been a hero of mine since I was a kid and the band were renowned for putting on such an amazing show, I just had to see them. I bought tickets to see them at Wembley Stadium in the June of that year, but just a few days before I was due to see them, Dave had an unfortunate accident in Sweden which resulted in a broken leg. Thus, he was unable to perform and I was totally gutted. I’d waited so long to see them and when I finally had tickets, the show was cancelled – typical!

However, it eventually worked out for the best. The show was rescheduled and moved to Milton Keynes bowl. When we arrived, the vibe was awesome. The new venue had a real festival feel, with the freedom to walk around the whole complex. We ended up meeting a large group of our friends and partying hard into the night!

Royal Blood opened the show, and put on a very impressive show! I was so surprised at how ‘BIG’ the band was able to sound with only 2 members. Iggy Pop was bags of fun too. His stage presence was great and the way obnoxious way he addressed the audience was simply hilarious!

But the main event blew me away. The band came out, with Dave on a custom-built throne, so he was able to play the show sat down. You’d think that would hinder his performance, but somehow, it just didn’t. It was completely mesmerising. Sheer resilience and the embodiment of rock ‘n’ roll.

Foo Fighters also brought out Roger Taylor & John Paul Jones to perform a cover of Under Pressure by Queen. The atmosphere was just electric. I’ve never seen so many people in once place all just having an amazing time. No drama, no fuss, just a huge party! We were seen having a great time by a bar, and the venue staff gave us access to the Golden Circle too, which was an added bonus. I’ve been to many awesome shows over the years but seeing your heroes up close and personal is pretty hard to top!

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Mikey Page – Vocals and Guitar

Sam Stolliday – Vocals

Jamie Deeks – Bass

Stuart Mercer – Guitar

Louis Giannamore – Drums