Monolith on the Mesa Music and Arts Festival Announces Custom Craft Beer For the Fest

Monolith on the Mesa Music and arts festival is less than a week away! The debut gathering uniting forces in stoner rock, art and craft beer for an incredible event taking place in the southwestern mountain setting. Check out our Facebook contest to win tickets to the fest. The festival just announced a custom craft beer brewed by the brewmaster at the Taos Mesa Brewing Company made just for the festival. Jayson Wylie President and Director of Brewing Operations at Taos Mesa Brewing Company to answer a few questions about what they’ve come up with below. Monolith on the Mesa Om, The Obsessed, Dead Meadow, The Well, Tia Carrera, Wovenhand, Pinkish Black, Castle, Crypt Trip, EYE, Wino solo (unplugged), True Widow and many more! Tickets on sale at the links below. The fest is located at Taos Mesa Brewing (The Mothership and Taos Tap Room) the festival features both indoor and outdoor stages and adjacent camping facility visual artists include Christian Ristow, Christina Sporrong, JP Rodman and the Mad Alchemist Liquid Light Show.

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Jayson Wylie President and Director of Brewing Operations at Taos Mesa Brewing Company weighs in:

Q: What kind of beer is it? What is the alcohol content? Will this be on tap or in cans only?

A: This is a light session-able IPA, coming in at 5% ABV. The clean and crisp malt character compliments the subtle fruit hop aroma and flavor. It is the perfect session beer to imbibe while getting crushed by the low end of the Monolith experience.

Q: How big will this run of festival branded beer be?

A: This is a limited run, brewed specifically for the Monolith festival. We brewed 112 cases and hope to sell them all at Monolith this year.

Q: Where will the beer be available for purchase? Can festival attendees buy some to take home?

A: The beer will only be available for purchase at TMB locations. Take home beer will not be available until Saturday night at the festival.

Q: Can the brew master explain his idea about brewing this batch for the festival?

A: Taos Mesa Brewing has always appreciated the synergy between music and beer. What better way to coalesce this ideology with beer in a can designed to complete the sensory experience. Not only can you hear the music, you can taste it and see it represented in the Monolith Sessions package.

Festival founder Dano Sanchez enthuses “What the brew master has done with this creation shows so much passion for our festival. This year has been a roller coaster of emotions and hard work, this brew is really the cherry on top! Jayson has gone above and beyond with the Monolith Sessions beer. I am stoked that we have worked as a team and kept the course for Monolith on the Mesa! Now we are beyond ready to welcome fans from near and far.” His partner Roman Barhman adds “Having a beer made for Monolith is so cool. Really it’s like having a time capsule in a can. I appreciate Taos Mesa Brewery for doing that.”