Metallica to Relaunch Their Vinyl Subscription Club for 2022

Metallica has reorganized and relaunched their Vinyl Subscription Club in time for 2022. Promising the first exclusive release in time for April 2022, you can sign up now for 2022, gift subscriptions in time for the holiday, and more. The club is now improiving with four 12″ vinyls each year, up from 7″ albums. Get the full details and sign up at the links below.


Vinyl Club is back… and it’s bigger and better than before! Bigger, literally, as in all releases for Vinyl Club 2.0 will be on 12” vinyl instead of 7”. Better, as in pressing on 12” vinyl allows us to give you more consistent, higher quality audio and the opportunity to include more music in each release. Starting today, subscriptions are open to Fifth Members for year two: Vinyl Club 2022!


When we launched the Vinyl Club in March of 2020, it was a labor of love as we are huge music fans ourselves and are so excited about the resurgence of vinyl. Those of us who love the look, feel, and sonic warmth of vinyl are sorta in our own little, exclusive club. So with that in mind, we thought it would be fun to start adding to our collections on a regular basis, and the Vinyl Club was born. We had a few delays along the way in year one, but we learned a ton. We’ve been working behind the scenes to improve everything about our Vinyl Club and are psyched to finally be back for year two.


The 2022 Vinyl Club Subscription will be available exclusively to Fifth Members between now and the end of this year. It will include four 12” singles featuring music that has never been released on vinyl before. As with year one, you’ll have the option to receive your four singles one at a time in quarterly shipments, or we’ll hold them and ship them to you all at once at the end of the year to save you a little coin on postage.


Join The Metallica Vinyl Club now; membership sign-ups for year two are open through Friday, December 31 at 11:59pm ET. Don’t wait! New memberships won’t be available again until the 2023 subscription year.


We’re excited to kick off a new chapter. Whether you get the subscription for yourself or a friend (it makes a great gift, and we have a nifty certificate to print up for your recipient!) we hope you have a blast collecting some good old-school vinyl.


More details: As you may have encountered elsewhere, vinyl production around the world is severely delayed. There are very few quality vinyl presses out there, demand is high, and making really cool vinyl records is a slow, manual process. With all of this said, even though we’re planning for these inevitable delays, the first release of 2022 will likely not hit your mailboxes until April of 2022. The following three releases will come a little faster, and our goal is to ship all of them to you before November 1 of 2022.


Also, behind the scenes, we have completely rebuilt our registration/subscription software. This will make for a more seamless experience for shipping your records and for tracking your membership. However, this means that all current Vinyl Club members will need to re-register for year two. When you register, you’ll have the option to set up automatic renewal for future years.


We can’t wait to get rolling and share what we have in store for you this year!



Four 12” vinyl singles featuring music that has never been released on vinyl before, made to play at 45 RPM

Digital Download Card

The opportunity to purchase exclusive Metallica Vinyl Club merch.