Lowen Share a Single and Video for “The Seed That Dreamed Of Its Own Creation” – New Album Incoming

London based Middle Eastern progressive doom band, Lowen, have just dropped their new single “The Seed That Dreamed Of Its Own Creation,” along with its own music video. The track comes from their next album, Do Not Go To War With The Demons Of Mazandaran, which is due out on the 4th of October, via Church Road Records. Check out the new video and more in the article below.

Stream the single and pre-order the album here: https://bfan.link/the-seed-that-dreamed-of-its-own-creation

The latest single showcases a lot of the band’s electicisms, whilst shining an extra strong spotlight on Nina Saeidi‘s incredible vocal abilities. The band have detailed in their own words the meaning and background of the latest single:

“The Seed That Dreamed Of Its Own Creation” is written and sung entirely in Farsi, the language of Iran. The song is about Azhi Dahāka, a serpent tyrant from ancient Iranian mythology that is overthrown after a violent reign of chaos, drought and instability. Zoroastrian eschatology is considered one of the oldest on earth and I was loosely inspired by its descriptions of the end of the world, but I wanted to introduce an element of hope to the song as well.

The music video for this song shows Farsi calligraphy being painted on my body before being subsumed into a pool of black ink. It’s a horror-laden and simplistic exploration of the power of the written word. Words like “life, death, woman, fire and freedom”. They are all related both to the apocalypse, and the treatment of women in Iran in the continuing fight for freedom in the Woman, Life Freedom movement. Apocalypse is about the end of the world as we see it, not necessarily the end of our lives within it. After the end there must be hope.

Do Not Go To War With The Demons Of Mazandaran tracklisting:
01 Corruption on Earth
02 Najang Bah Divhayeh Mazandaran
03 Waging War Against God
04 The Seed That Dreamed Of Its Own Creation
05 May Your Ghost Drink Pure Water
06 Ghazal For The Embrace Of Fire

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