LIVESTREAM REVIEW: Greg Puciato – F**k Content

Greg Puciato is a force of nature. You never know where his music is going to take you but you know it’s coming from a place of raw emotion. His recent creation “Fuck Content” is a powerhouse of energy that displays his passion and power in a fresh and original production. Part live-streamed concert and part documentary, “Fuck Content” takes a deep dive into the creative process of the former The Dillinger Escape Plan frontman. It was a real treat to be given an inside look into the creation of multiple new tracks that premiered on the stream.

The musical portion of “Fuck Content” centers around Greg’s most recent solo release “Child Solider: Creator of God,” yet elements of Greg’s other projects (especially his groovy synthwave group The Black Queen) shine through in a masterfully blended manner.

While the music was the main focus, one cannot overlook the experimental arthouse qualities of the production that elevates it from a typical COVID-era livestream to a full-on professional concert film. The black and white tv distortion, shifting color schemes, and the cover of fog set a mood that’s visually gripping yet subtly unsettling.

A major high point of “Fuck Content” was following the journey of Greg and his team as they bring their first major event of the year to fruition. 2020 put a halt to live shows in a way most never could have expected. For many, the local dive venue was our home away from home. You could feel Greg’s pent-up energy and nerves about getting back on stage for the first time in months and it resonated so hard. That palpable tension culminates in a massive burst of creative energy that will leave you buzzing in an oddly familiar way. While we all wish we could’ve been there rocking out with them, seeing Greg and his team crush the ever-loving hell outta that set was cathartic in the purest sense.

Long story short: “Fuck Content” fuckin ruled.

Be sure to pick up a video or audio copy of “Fuck Content” via the Federal Prisoner website or Bandcamp beginning December 18.