Liv Sin Enters The Studio To Work On Album #2

Liv Sin, the rock band featuring former Sister Sin singer Liv Jagrell has entered the studio this week to begin working on the follow-up to her well-received debut album, Follow Me. Liv Jagrell Producer Emil Nödtveidt (Deathstars) will helm the album at Black Syndicate studios. The album will release via Despotz Records in 2019.

Liv Jagrell comments on the choice of Nödtveidt: ”We wanted to explore a more modern sound with some synthesizers on this album. I think that this album might surprise a lot of our fans. I have known Emil for many years, so it was really fun to reconnect. The first moment he sent us his ideas of our demos I was delirious!”

Guitarist Chris Bertzell commented on the writing process: ”For the first album Liv Sin was only Patrick, Liv and Per. Now we have spent two years together as a complete band of five on the road and in the studio. Along with more songwriters the band has evolved into having a lot more attitude and catchy melodies.”