Listen To A Previously Unreleased Living Sacrifice Track

Living Sacrifice have put out a previously unreleased song titled ‘New Day’ that was recorded during the sessions for 2000’s The Hammering Process. The track is available on the new benefit compilation, We Bear The Scars, which will go towards Warlord, etc. drummer Timothy Henderson and his fight against fibromyalgia & several other ailments.

Living Sacrifice released this statement, along with a teaser of the new track, “Hey kids! Living Sacrifice is on this benefit compilation for our good friend Tim. The song featured was a previously unreleased song from the Hammering Process recording sessions. In fact the song was “lost” in a digital format due to a glitch with pro tools at the time. But our buddy Jeremiah Lee Scott was able to fix an mix the files to what you hear here. so check it out and buy a copy. Lost of other good bands on here too!

Order the We Bear The Scars compilation here.