Is Botch Teasing a Reunion?

Legendary post-Hardcore band Botch may be teasing a reunion. Bassist Brian Cook, also of Russian Circles, shared a photo on his Instagram account sharing a rehearsal room and the caption: Hung out with some friends from high school today”. After releasing two seminal genre-defining albums, The band has been largely inactive since playing their last show on 2006, only to release a live album and repeatedly sharing that the band would “never reunite” on many occasions. The band has been active on Facebook of late, honoring the anniversary of the farewell show. Following their retirement members went on to join Russian Circles, Minus the Bear, Narrows, Roy, Russian Circles, and These Arms Are Snakes. Botch was an early peer of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, and along with other similar bands, and was an influence on a countless number of today’s bands. We’ll monitor this situation as it develops.



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