Iron Maiden May Have a New Album Out in 2020, Tour to Follow

We are heading down the homestretch in 2019 looking closely at some rumors that may prove true. Iron Maiden may have indeed completed their new album, expected initially to be released in 2020. In a Christmas eve eve recap from Maiden producer Kevin Shirley, Shirley offered a recap of 2019 on social media and alluded to a new album with the band. Shirley remarked that he spent three months in Paris earlier this year “working very hard on an unnamed but not-very-secret project.” He added: “I finished with a loud ringing in my ears.” Back in May, Italian web site Maiden Concerts first speculated that the band was busy putting the finishing touches on a new album. The site concluded that the LP was nearing completion after gathering social media evidence that all six members of the band, their wives and Shirley were in Paris at the same time. The producer even posted new pictures of Guillaume Tell Studios, where they recorded Brave New World (2000) and The Book Of Souls, saying he was finalizing a major project. On the bands’ Legacy of the Beast World tour in 2019, Bruce Dickinson, now a resident of Paris frequently opening shows saying that the next time the band would tour the world, they would have a new album to promote. Also in the rumor mill is a floated concept of a tour from Maiden and their former Heavy Metal rivals Judas Priest, with potential opening support to come from Testament. Members of both Maiden and Priest have publicly commented about possibly touring together. We’ll keep following these stories and see if they hold weight in time.